Venue Guide: The Sound Lounge

The Sound Lounge is a brand new music venue opening this weekend in Tooting in South London.This venue guide is slightly different to our other guides as The Sound Lounge only opens this weekend, but in many ways this is the most important one. There are a few reasons for this. The main one is that the opening of a fresh new venue in the heart of London brings hope. At a time where London club culture is in crisis and venues are closing down all over the UK, The Sound Lounge is a shining light amongst the darkness.

July 2016:

Sound Lounge exterior

December 2016:

Sound Lounge exterior 2

The venue’s opening is exciting news for similar sized venues in the city, it’s exciting news for aspiring artists and musicians and it’s exciting news for the music scene in general. Another reason why this venue brings hope and probably the best thing about it, is that The Sound Lounge has been able to open because of you…. yes you, the fans of new and emerging art and live music. The venue can begin operations on Friday thanks to crowdfunding. Social media has been expertly utilised to garner generous donations allowing the venue to open it’s doors.

So what? why should I care? This is important because it shows that small capacity music venues are still wanted by the people who bloody go to them! They are still absolutely necessary in the UK. This is a truly promising sign for everyone involved in the music industry and at the most appropriate of times – what a perfect way to wrap-up Independent Venue Week.

Address: 210-212 Upper Tooting Rd, London SW17 7EW

Telephone Number: 020 8543 9555

Tickets: Coming soon, check back here for details.

Brief History: 

The Sound Lounge “history” as a venue starts this weekend! Hannah and Keiron are at the helm of this project, they explain “We are not a big business or brand.  We don’t have a big corporate behind us.  We are just two people making it happen.”

Sound Lounge founders

The pair are starting the business off on the right foot, detailed by their strict policy of inclusion themed mission statement, it reads: “all people of all backgrounds and all ages at all times.” Who wouldn’t want to perform at The Sound Lounge?

How many people does it hold?


What’s booked?

There are a number of free shows scheduled for the first few gigs in the venue. The first of which is on this Friday for the SOLD OUT grand opening:

Sound Lounge Free Gig

How do I get there?

Tooting Broadway tube station is on the Northern Line. There are also a number of bus routes servicing the area including the 57, 131, 152, 200 and 213.

Where should I eat?

The venue space is a “95% vegan” vegetarian café during the day. I think that means they serve milk…

Or you can eat pizza and drink cocktails in Guerrilla a communist-themed bar.

We’ve heard great things about Meza which does “AMAZING” Lebanese food.

Alternatively, for the more basic carnivores: there’s an Honest Burger, Dip & Flip and Nando’s.

Where can I stay?

Kieron describes the “Americana” element of the first few shows, don’t worry Yanks we’ve got you covered. The Sound Lounge is in such a good location that there are hundreds of great places to stay in close proximity. There are hotels, hostels and regular/air BnB’s a plenty.

Check out: www.booking.com or www.expedia.co.uk or www.airbnb.co.uk

Make sure you have somewhere to rest your weary head.

Where can I carry on the party?

Tram and Social is a great spot to keep the night alive, it closes at 2am on the weekends. The Antelope is another great option, it’s an authentic British pub and has been since the 1800’s.

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