Venue Guide: KOKO

Address: 1A Camden High Street London NW1 7JE

Telephone Number: 0207 388 3222

Tickets: ticketweb.co.uk/koko

Brief History:

Formally known as the Camden Theatre, the venue opened on Boxing Day 1900. It remained a theatre until the 70’s when it became a concert venue known as the Music Machine. Between 1982 and 2004 the venue was named Camden Palace. In 2004 it was refurbished and transformed into the concert venue we know and love today, adopting the new name – KOKO

How many people does it hold? 1,400


Who has played there?

KOKO is so steeped in live music history everyone from The Clash, The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Oasis and Amy Winehouse, to Coldplay, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, N.E.R.D and Kanye West, are among so many others that have graced the KOKO stage.

Have there been any “I was there” moments? 

Prince performed a secret show at KOKO in 2007, this was his first show in the UK for over 10 years. An undeniably special gig, seeing Prince at the height of his powers playing in front of just 1400 people.


How do I get there?

Mornington Crescent Tube station is just across the road, which you can reach on the Northern Line.

Camden Road Overground is also an option – if you don’t mind a short walk.

Where to park

Not a lot of options in the realm of parking, unless you have two wheels and no engine, then you’re in luck: there is plenty of bike parking in front of the venue. Remember kids don’t drink and cycle.

Where should I eat?

Blues Kitchen (beef brisket is next level), Aye Caramba! is always an option if your down for some affordable Mexican food and drink.

Where can I stay?

KOKO is in such a good location that there are hundreds of great places to stay in close proximity. There are hotels, hostels and regular/air BnB’s a plenty.

Check out: www.booking.com or www.expedia.co.uk or www.airbnb.co.uk

Make sure you have somewhere to rest your weary head.

Ticketweb Tips:

The outside area is open during the summer – you can chill there and grab a drink.

Monitor the website for potential drink deals.

There is a bar at the top balcony that is usually empty and provides an excellent vantage point.


Where can you carry on the party?

There’s a thriving night life in Camden all week long, but our suggestion would be on a Friday – keep it in KOKO at the brand new “Burst” club night. Get tickets for your new favourite Friday festivity Here

Check out www.ticketweb.co.uk/koko your one stop shop for every upcoming show in KOKO.

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