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Introducing: Ross From Friends

Get to know the Brainfeeder Records signed artist.

Words by Joshua Gaskin-Brown

Hailing from Colchester, Ross From Friends has been making waves with his unique lo-fi electronic sounds.

The sound

With a sound that takes influence from hip-hop loop culture to ’80s Eurobeat to more experimental dance music, Ross From Friends makes a type of emotionally driven electronic music inspired by his eclectic musical upbringing. Being born into a household full of ’80s dance music played by his dad, who was also a DJ himself, inspired Felix Weatherall aka Ross From Friends to begin making music at a young age.

His most recent project Family Portrait is a musical journey that escapes the confines of traditional house music and takes the listener on a lo-fi-electronic journey through Weatherall’s mind and influences. With many odes to his family and upbringing in songs like Don’t Wake Up Dad and Happy Birthday Nick, this album is a sentimental and personal listen.

The live show

Seeing Ross From friends live is an experience. Instead of performing a more traditional DJ set, he performs live with a laptop presumably running Ableton, along with keys, synths, a sax and a guitar plus samplers and other equipment. This makes Ross From Friends live a spectacle as you can watch him recreate and rework his experimental style of lo-fi house on stage. Whether you like the sampled simplicity of lo-fi house, watching it done on the fly is something to behold.

Essential Tracks:

Released in 2015, Talk To Me You’ll Understand is the song that most people heard first. Now a bonafide YouTube classic, this chill emotional lo-fi house jam has become one of Weatherall’s most important releases.

Bootman is an RnB infused cut from the EP You’ll Understand released on the Lobster Theremin imprint. The track uses loops from old school RnB, combined with dancey yet completely compressed and crushed lo-fi house beats.

Pale Blue Dot is one of the standout tracks from Family Portrait. Its lush soundscape and the emotional vibe is perfectly accompanied by a beautiful music video which contains footage taken by his mother from before he was born.

Where can I see Ross From Friends live? 

Catch Ross From Friends at the following dates: 

10 May 2019 – O2 Ritz Manchester 
11 May 2019 – EartH, London 

Tickets for the shows are available now through 

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