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Ones To Watch 2018: Bad Sounds Q&A

Bad Sounds put on proper party! We catch-up with them to hear about what made 2017 massive for them and how 2018 is going to be even bigger...

What has been your highlight of 2017?

We just finished a 2 week UK tour and it started with a “home show” at Thekla in Bristol. It was a special one. The audience were just incredible to us. We had sold out the show a few weeks in advance, and we’d curated the bill to mimic a tiny show we did with our friends Swimming Girls and Cousin Kula about a year or 2 earlier. We’ve all come such a long way since that original show, and it felt like everyone in the room was just so happy for us all. I think their cheering and singing may have been louder than the bands that night. We genuinely struggled to sing because we were so choked up at the response. Totes emotes.

What does 2018 have in store for you?

We’re starting the year by supporting Rat Boy on their UK tour, as well as doing a few European festivals. We’re also hoping to put out our debut album which is super exciting. We’ve never been super “stick to the plan” type people, and we’ve been kind of lucky that things so far have happened in a very organic way, so we don’t want to screw that up.

What is your favourite thing about playing live?

Earlier on in 2017 we played a show at Omeara in London and it was the first time we were able to put on the kind of production that we’d always hoped to do. Long story short: we decided that it’d be lolz if Ewan and I were wheeled into the middle of the audience inside massive cardboard boxes at the start of the show, and then (obvs) we’d burst out of them as soon as the band kicked in. It was beautiful. I mean, I do get nervous before we play sometimes which can be great, but on this occasion, the butterflies in my stomach were going absolutely bananas. Then I was packed into a cardboard box, next to another cardboard box with my brother in, and as I crouched there for what seemed like a v v v long time, in a small dark box waiting to be wheeled into the middle of a few hundred people, it suddenly dawned on me how ridiculous this whole set up was. So I guess the best thing about playing live for us is getting to try out loads of ridiculous ideas and giving the people that have come to see us something to talk about on the way home.

How would you describe your sound in one sentence?

Not indie-funk.

Who was the first band or artist you saw live?

errrrrrm… probs just a local bar band or something. Our dad had a friend who was in a band and I remember seeing them when we were kids. They covered ‘Hey Joe’ by Jimi Hendrix and it blew me away, it was amazing to hear live music like that (loud), even if it was just at Chippenham footie club. I think my first “proper” gig was Muse at Cardiff on the Absolution tour, turns out that our guitarist Charlie was at the same gig but we didn’t meet until about 10 years later.

What venue would you absolutely love to headline?

To be honest none of us are particularly focussed on the kudos of playing a particular venue. It’s more about whether or not there are people there who are into what we’re doing and whether we can jump out of a box or not.

What artist would you love to tour with?

Alive or dead?? Because MJ or Prince or James Brown would definitely be up there. That would be an education in musicianship and entertainment every night! I’m also OBSESSED with Questlove, so I’ma say The Roots just so I can geek out on those guys every night, learn a thing or two, and then we’d all become bezzy m8s.

Who inspired you to take up music?

Our dad plays guitar so we always had guitars around us when we were growing up. I was also obsessed with watching Michael Jackson videos as a kid (we had History on VHS and must have worn the thing out). I mean, Ewan and I didn’t go to school in the town that we lived in, so our friends were sort of scattered over the county. We didn’t really have a local friendship group, which I guess led to us just practising our instruments for hours after school every night, and recording demos and cover songs with our dad on his four-track at the weekend. It feels like since before we can remember music has always been our passion so its hard to say what inspired us, just being around music a lot as kids and having a really encouraging family.

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