New Music: WHITE

Art-pop Glaswegian five-piece channelling the sound of Bowie & Edwyn Collins – if they had Donna Summer’s backing band…

If the introspection caused by the recent deaths of behemoths like Bowie and Prince did anything then it at least revealed a distinct absence of music that could simultaneously provoke thought and be the soundtrack to the greatest party of your life. WHITE might well describe themselves as a band “you dress up for”, a band to “drink and dance to” but a first listen evokes visions of scenes from New Romantic hang outs like the Blitz Club.

We give you Blush:

Some of Leo Condie (singer), Hamish Fingland (guitar), Chris Potter (guitar), Lewis Andrew (bass), Kirstin Lynn (drums) have previously featured in other Glaswegian bands including Kassidy and Low Miffs. All this provides a context to the freedom and the flair on display, an outward expression of a band exploiting the freedom of starting again with a clean slate.

All this reference to the halcyon days of the late 70’s and early 80’s belies the band’s contemporary influences namely LCD Sound System & Arcade Fire. The band are deeply engaged within their own generation touring with fellow Scots Baby Strange with whom they also feature in Neelam Khanvela’s excellent photo documentary about Glasgow, youth and music …but why would i choose a thing like that?

Because it sound good.

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