Introducing: SuperGlu

Meet SuperGlu; the guitar band squeezing out Garage Pop that really sticks in your head. They have had a whirlwind start to their career and are possibly the biggest thing to come out of Manningtree (claimant for England’s smallest town) well … ever.

A band called Ben Club had a song called “Diving Bell” played on BBC’s Radio 1 in 2014. So what? Why is that interesting? Well, that band was made up of Ben Ward and Ben Brown and it was their first ever demo, the lads were fairly casually making music for a short time and all of a sudden, they were on Radio 1 before they had even played a gig. After that they stuck Krista (Bass) and Alex (Guitar) into the mix and SuperGlu was born.

Here’s the group’s latest track “Dreams” check it;

SuperGlu have been very busy since they formed in 2015, they recorded some tunes and got a heap of gigs under their belt, mastering their captivating live performance. The four-piece recently released a six-song EP called Horse and couldn’t shake BBC music’s attention. So much so that SuperGlu played the BBC Introducing stage at Reading and Leeds festival a few weeks back.

SuperGlu smashed their set and made their mark, here they are signing off with “Weekend” an absolute belter.

There’s a bit of a Patrick Stump vibe coming off lead singer Ben, he undoubtedly has a big voice and a certain swagger when he performs, not that they sound like Fall Out Boy, clearly; SuperGlu are channelling Brit-Pop era sounds. They are like a modern day Pixies.

An admirable aspect of SuperGlu’s music is how everyone gets involved vocally. Whether it’s through seamless layer-enhancing harmonies or tagging in for a bridge or intro, cleverly and effectively attaching variety to the tracks. Treat your ears to “Rounder” from the Horse EP below:

SuperGlu are headed stateside to play TicketWeb & DIY Magazine presents: SXSW2017 at the British Music Embassy, Latitude 30. They’ll be on stage at 9pm, it’s going to be an awesome event get involved here.

Check out upcoming SuperGlu gigs at www.ticketweb.co.uk/superglu

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