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New Music: Stephanie Rainey

Meet Stephanie Rainey, she’s got a spectacular voice and some terrific songs to compliment it, heed this warning though – her music is guaranteed to give you all the feels.

There are two types of people: those who wear their heart on their sleeve and those who keep that ferocious-feeling-maker locked up in a corset wrapped in a straitjacket, to those people I say: you may believe that you are an emotionless robot but I defy you not to be moved by Stephanie Rainey’s velvet vocals and to those of you who frequently feel things, you don’t even stand a chance. See for yourself: check out “Please Don’t Go” (below).

I did warn you….Obviously Stephanie made a huge stir in the music industry with this astoundingly heart-rending video, between Facebook and YouTube it has been viewed around 4 million times. Aside from the truly special song the simplicity and authenticity of the video are no doubt contributors to its global success.

It’s no surprise that the big labels came knocking after the internet sensation. Tthe humble Irish woman was taken aback by the reaction her song received acquiring thousands of new fans. Stephanie has voiced how appreciative she is of everyone’s support. She was signed by Warner shortly after the video was released.

She is undeniably talented and aside from this mesmerising melancholic ballad she has a selection of catchy tunes from her 2014 self-produced ‘Half Of Me’ EP. This EP displays Stephanie’s song writing skills and unique sound, a sound in which we marvel at how Stephanie expertly adds a folky flair to her pop/rock style of music. Here is “All For You” the debut track from the EP:

“Half Of Me” reached No. 3 in the Irish chart just behind Hozier and The Script and No.2 in the Alternative chart, sandwiched between Hozier and Alt J, a massively impressive achievement for a self-produced debut EP.

Stephanie was also in the internet spotlight when she performed her notably clever cover of “Royals” by Lorde with a bit of Massive Attack thrown in there for good measure. This cover showcases her talent as a performer and her remarkable vocal range – she has some serious pipes there is no denying that, watch her effortlessly hit every note in cool cover below:

Stephanie will be releasing her first full album this year and we cannot wait for it. Luckily for us here at TicketWeb we get to be serenaded by Stephanie Rainey at The Great Escape this Friday, regardless of setting Stephanie always comes up with the goods in her live performances and we are crazy excited to listen to her scintillating songs on the seaside.

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