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New Music: RØMANS

For an artist who’s still yet to release a full LP there’s a decent chance you’ve got evidence of RØMANS’ handiwork in your record collection already. The story of new artists emerging out of the shadows of current superstars is nothing new, but Disclosure collaborator RØMANS is definitely one you should check out. Exhibit A is the excellent writing & vocal contribution to Gorgon City’s summer banger “Saving My Life”.

Despite only being 7 tracks into his recorded career, Roc Nation’s RØMANS has spent years working with some incredible talent including Mary J. Blige, John Legend, Naughty Boy, AlunaGeorge, Clean Bandit, Sigma, Kwabs, Birdy and more.

It’s RØMANS own material that we’re most taken with however, in particular the track “Uh Huh” which dropped in July. The stunning chorus features the best use of a xylophone that we’ve heard in ages. Check it out below…

In a music world obsessed by youth it’s encouraging that there are artists like RØMANS who are prepared to expand their songwriting to encompass subject matter beyond the usual pursuits of adolescence. To mark World Alzheimer’s Day this year, RØMANS released a self-directed video for the track “The Agony & The Ecstacy” with some very personal motives.

“Alzheimer’s runs in my family. My earliest memory of it was my great grandmother who lived to 104 but spent the last decade of her life in a care home with severe dementia. Her twin daughters (my grandmother being one of them) both suffered the same fate, as did my paternal grandmother. I wanted to make a piece of music that echoed the emotions and turbulence of Alzheimer’s—something that was both somber and joyous, calm and chaotic.”

Having revealed that he’ll be part of the inaugural Community LDN Festival earlier in the week, we’ve just had word that RØMANS will support Ms Mr on their November 2015 tour of the UK.

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