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New Music: Porches

Enigmatic New York project continuing a musical experiment on a legendary label…

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Porches are a vehicle for the creative exploits of Aaron Maine who has previously recorded under the alias Ronald Paris and often works with long-time collaborator Greta Cline (aka) Frankie Cosmos. If that makes Porches hard to pin-down then that’s probably appropriate.


Porches have been around for a little while now and have graced many wonderful independent labels. 2013’s “Slow Dance In The Cosmos” was release on Exploding in Sound , while in 2014, one track “Leather” appeared on a shared release via Seagreen Records while two more appeared on Chris Taylor and Ethan Silverman’s Terrible Records.

Now signed to the legendary Domino Records (also home to Julia Holter, Matthew E White & many more) the most anticipated Porches record to date will be released in the UK on the 5th February 2016.

Fuelling that hype is the track “Hour” which dropped in October and features a potentially “Drive” inspired promo video directed by Alan Del Rio Ortiz (Blood Orange, Danny Brown, St. Vincent, Petite Noir). Sinister, industrial and certainly 80’s in tone it represents the next step in the evolution of Porches. The DIY-Indie masterpieces of previous releases are there at the core including the beautifully blunt lyrics but the arrangement of songs has become so much braver and complete. Cline’s haunting backing vocals are also better than ever. Take a listen..

This is definitely an album we’re keeping a close eye out for at the start of 2016 and probably one your’re going to be seeing in some pretty cool end of year lists come December.

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