New Music: Nadia Rose

If you haven’t heard of Nadia Rose listen up; her swagger-filled rapping style, impressive lyricism and effortless flow will undoubtedly land her on multiple “Ones to Watch” lists.

To begin her career and get noticed, Croydon’s own Nadia Rose went down the viral route by rapping over two-well known beats – Mila J’s “My Main” and Wiley’s “Eskimo” releasing videos for “D.F.W.T” and “Mufasa” to universal acclaim (DJ’s Semtex, Mista Jam & Annie Mac). She sounds more than at home spitting unforgiving bars over these would-be intimidating beats, Rose was instantly regarded as a natural, one who is bound for future stardom.

The scary thing about Nadia Rose is the quality of the songs she released next. “Boom” and “Skwod” are the only songs by Nadia Rose available on Spotify and are monstrous tracks considering this is essentially Nadia’s first recorded effort. These two tracks have over 1 million plays between them…not bad for your first genuine crack at a music career.

Check out the MOBO Award winning video for “Skwod” below:

It’s easy to see why Sony chased Nadia for her signature on a recording contract, facilitated by their subsidiary Relentless Records. The reason for her speedy rise through the ranks of the Grime scene is because of her undeniable talent and how she has never sounded inexperienced or put out below-par tracks. She has killed it on all of her releases, evidently skipping the development stage and slotting in to the fray as an accomplished MC and prodigy of her craft.

One can only assume that the confident 23 year old will be unfazed by the daunting next stage in her career. Not that she will require much help achieving great things but it is certainly useful that Nadia Rose is Grime heavyweight – Stormzy’s cousin.  Her debut EP is due out early next year – we are predicting it to be absolute fire, this forthcoming release has been aptly named Highly Flammable. The artwork alone has us hyped:


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