New Music: LANY

Self-producing Malibu-based 3-piece looking to go from apartment to arenas ASAP…

I always loved 90210. Both versions. If it was still going LANY would be an absolute shoe-in for the soundtrack to a scene featuring the sort of pool-party that only exist in T.V. shows. You know, the ones where it looks like the whole town has been invited – and they all look great in shorts. Just picture that shot as you listen to the track that got record company traction just 6 days after they posted it on the internet.

ILYSB has so far scratched up over 15 million Spotify plays and since then the band have released 2 further singles including “Where The Hell Are My Friends” which TLOBF described as “a swooning melange of gilded pop vocals, spidery riffs, and dusky synths”.

In case you were wondering; LANY is an amalgam of  the initials for Los Angeles & New York – (see what they did there?) but Paul Klein, Les Priest, and Jake Goss actually met in Nashville. It was in a small apartment in that most musical of cities where they first recorded the tracks that make up their early singles. And they’ve stayed true to that DIY ethic despite the arrival of major label funding. As Paul told Louder Than War “We are still doing it all on the computer so when we signed to Polydor they have a recording budget, but we wanted to do it on our own. We asked if we could use some of that budget to get out of the one bedroomed apartment and we now have a little house outside the city.”

The latest fruit of those sessions dropped just a few weeks ago. Take a listen to the brilliantly titled “yea, babe, no” below…

The band have already opened for Ellie Goulding, Twin Shadow, Halsey & Oh Wonder and they are over here in September. To check out LANY’s upcoming shows at or to be sure you never miss a gig; download the TicketWeb App now and make LANY one of your favourite artists!

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