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New Music: Jez Dior

Do you know what one of the best things about music is at the moment? It feels like artists don’t have to stay in one lane. It feels like they aren’t worried about alienating their fan-base by switching it up every now and again. The internet has empowered a generation to make the music they want to make, and know that they’ll be able to reach like-minded people who will want to hear it. Meet Jez Dior, the Los Angeles MC who is the personification of this new way of thinking.

Earlier this month, Jez dropped the epic visuals for track “Loved You First”. An introspective emotionally charged cut examining the heartbreak of losing someone. Combining soulful vocals and a middle eight that demonstrates his impressive rhyming skills, you could easily see the track gaining placement on mainstream radio. If you were driving down to the beach, roof down and this came on the stereo it would be nigh on impossible to turn the station over.

Jez has been crafting music since he was 13, and cites a range of varying influences from Kanye West, to Kurt Cobain and The Doors’ Jim Morrison. It wouldn’t be unfair to compare him with modern chart toppers Frank Ocean and Drake either. His music definitely lives in the hip-hop sphere, but there are constant nods to other genres. Be that dance music in the aforementioned “Loved You First” or the inclusion of guitars and other more traditional rock instrumentations in earlier tracks.

This mix of influences makes for interesting listening. His music is anything but linear, and if Jez Dior carries on the way he’s going, he will undoubtedly find his audience growing with him.

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