New Music: Fizzy Blood

Fizzy Blood  are about to line-up the world and wallop each and everyone of us across the face with the biggest rock tunes you’ve heard in yonks…

Paul, Benji, Jake, Ciaran and Tim have been stirring up the lavish Yorkshire music scene for some time now and they bossed the British Music Embassy stage at SXSW 2016 – so much so they were one of our 8 picks of the festivalIt’s as if some evil genius has taken the blokes from Royal Blood and fused them with Arctic Monkeys. The result is a scintillating selection of six songs in the form of an extended play named ‘Feast’. We love the 80’s horror film artwork.

Fizzy Blood - Feast - 600

The track “January Sun” is our pick of that record. Have a listen below and if you’re not head-banging by 1.55 then there’s not a musical bone in your body.

Now you’re into it!  is overflowing with these sort of stadium – sized ear-worm anthems. have a suck on “Black Sheep” and watch the haunting intro gravitate towards organised instrumental chaos.

Can you imagine how all this is going to sound live? It’s even better than that. Being present for one of Benji’s “huh” grunts  and the rock onslaught that follows is like having 10,000 volts stuck through you. Actually, that probably would give you Fizzy Blood.

You can check out Fizzy Blood’s upcoming shows at but to be sure you never miss a gig; download the TicketWeb App now and make Fizzy Blood one of your favourite artists!

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