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New Music: Claudia Kane

Queen of the underground looking to cast a spell on the world with her vivid brand of gothic electronica…

Claudia Kane is every ounce the product of chaotic formative years exploring the underbelly of London’s less salubrious quarters. Born in Finchley to a seamstress and a criminologist, Claudia first approached music and dance as a way to battle her crippling childhood shyness. Whilst neither managed to act as a cure they did provide the young Ms Kane with an incredible energy. Music also provided a cathartic force in her later battles with addiction.

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With such a wealth of life experience it’s maybe understandable to see why Claudia’s Sugarbabes audition didn’t quite work out (“I’m just not one of those kinds of people,” she says, wincing).

It could also explain why she’s drawn to artists more comfortable with tackling some heavier issues. Claudia sites Joni Mitchell, Tori Amos & in particular Susanne Vega as influences – “She’s a poet. Her songs tell stories and she writes about hard hitting things, things I’d much rather listen to than songs about going out to the club.”

Just before Christmas Claudia unveiled a new burlesque inspired video for the track “Silence”. It’s a perfect intersection of Massive Attack drum-beats & a Florence Welch-Esque vocal performance which ironically could be a real dancefloor filler.

If we didn’t love Claudia Kane enough when we first heard this track, being informed that her favourite film is the ’90s classic “Practical Magic” really sealed the deal. It’s a film choice that informs her bohemian personal style and reflects the more playful side of an artist who recently also took once lucky Vice Magazine journalist through their poll dancing paces.

Long live the avant-garde!

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