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New Music: Beach Baby

Cosmopolitan 4-piece shoot a beam of 80’s UK post punk through a prism of 90s US college radio…

The first thing you notice about Beach Baby is they look cool as f*ck. Jack Kerouac didn’t look this good when he was hanging out with William Burroughs and dropping out of Columbus. The second thing that hits you is the way they’ve managed to shoot a beam of 80’s UK post punk through a prism of present day US college radio. Imagine The Smiths, The Cure et al were about today and fell in with a crowd including Mac DeMarco & Diiv.  Thirdly, they’ve made the best use of a Chorus pedal since Nirvana recorded Come As You Are. Examples of this musical alchemy can be found below…

Formed at Goldsmith’s College, London just a short while ago, the band released their debut single “Ladybird” on Chess Club Records March 30th with the follow-up “No Mind No Money” coming out on the same imprint June 22nd. Judging by the crowd they drew to their show at The Great Escape 2015, we’re not going to be the only ones buying those.

Check out Beach Baby’s upcoming shows including a slots at Bushstock & Field Day 2015 right here


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