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New Music – Aurora

Ahead of Aurora’s headline show at London’s Ace Hotel in Shoreditch on June 11th 2015, we delve into her music which is as beautiful, dynamic and utterly beguiling as the Norwegian peninsula of Bergen that she calls home.

Aurora – Runaway

The Great Escape Festival (where Aurora will play in May 2015) has described Aurora’s sound as “sweet and unfaithful dark-pop symphonies”. That sort of intro evokes immediate comparisons to Lana Del Ray & Florence Welsh but we’d like to add Laura Marling to that list (if she ever happened to get into synth programming). At only 18 years old, it’s amazing  to see artist of such youth express her talent with such deft sophistication.

Aurora – Under Stars

If you’re up on your indie-scene georgraphy you’ll know that the city of Bergen has strong form for fantastic music producing both Röyksopp and Kings of Convenience in the early 2000s. We’re putting our money on Aurora being the start of the next Bergen Wave.

Aurora – Awakening

Hands up though, we aren’t the first to go nuts for Aurora. Not for the first time, Katy Perry beat the world to it…

Aurora - Katy Perry Tweet - Screen Shot

Check out Aurora’s upcoming shows right here

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