On The Stereo: Lunacre Schtum EP

Lunacre the Cambridge five-piece have just dropped a new EP and it’s absolute fire.


The new EP named Schtum (the German word for silence), see’s Lunacre positioned in the same post-rock, melodic realm as the likes of Radiohead and Alt-J but the band cite Blur as an influence and sound every bit as James Blake as they do Mount Kimbie.

It’s fair to say that the new EP sort of solidifies their spot in the same musical space, however the band have masterfully simplified their craft raising them to another level within it. The Lunacre live experience is elaborate to say the least, there is much more than just guitar, drum and bass for one thing and this unique sample-friendly setup translates excellently on the record.

Ben the principle songwriter likes the way lyrics hold different meaning for different people, and we reckon you should listen to Schtum the five song EP in it’s entirety to make your own opinion on it. We reckon you and your mates will resemble the band in the above picture – glued to your phones while streaming the tracks.

Lunacre will be playing Schtum at their EP launch party in Kings Cross in 10 days time. Listen to the extended play below and get your tickets to the launch party here.

Check out Lunacre’s upcoming shows at www.ticketweb.co.uk/lunacre and to make sure you never miss a gig; download the TicketWeb App now and make Lunacre one of your favourite artists!

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