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Everything you need to know about Tirzah ...

This is who to listen to from the post-grime and UK garage sound of London … Trust.


South London based singer-songwriter Tirzah Mastin.

The Sound

Tirzah has a brief but diverse discography, there’s a couple of EP’s and an album. Throughout these tracks we see Tirzah tackling everything from multi-faceted electro-pop to experimental R&B among other soundscapes and genres. All of her music to date has been produced by her long time friend Mica Levi. The two are a great pair who are clearly having a lot of fun making music without conforming to anything.

2013’s “I’m Not Dancing” is an excellent example of this. These trippy kids came up with a bonkers jam straight out of leftfield, it’s fairly raw and unpolished but you can’t help but nod your head, the track will be included below under Essential Tracks despite the fact that Tirzah has since moved away from this sonic realm.

The No Romance EP that came in 2014 and single Make It Up from 2015 saw Tirzah and her trusty producer/collaborator move into a more conventional electro-pop space with great results too I might add.

The cream of the crop however is Tirzah’s debut album released in 2018 titled Devotion. This record has allowed the artist to merge into the latest lane she has carved out for herself – experimental R&B is a phenomenal fit for Tirzah. The album is a captivating listen from start to finish. Levi’s dreamy and adventurous production perfectly complements Tirzah’s endearing vocal.

“Go Now” sounds like it would be right at home on the new critically acclaimed Solange album:

The Story

When you earn a scholarship to attend music school at the age of 13 it must be almost impossible to imagine a career not even loosely related to the music industry. Mastin studied harp and befriended the now renowned composer Mica Levi at the Purcell School for young musicians, over the next few years she recorded tracks for fun before switching her education toward fashion. Although Tirzah’s career as a recording/performing artist has been quite on again-off again, luckily for us she’s very much on again now and using life experience to craft excellent love songs. 

She took a four year break from releasing music in her 20’s but dropping her debut album Devotion has thrust Tirzah back on to the scene. All the right taste makers are on board too including; Clash and Pitchfork – the latter gave the record a Best New Music tag and said “Tirzah’s debut is a compelling vision of what imperfect pop music can be-joyful in both sound and feeling”.

Tirzah is not overly active on social media (just one IG post ever … in 2019? Madness …) and is letting her music and live show do the talking. The exciting talent is doing a few headline UK shows in the lead up to a busy summer consisting of a US tour and a couple of performances lined up on the festival circuit.

Essential Tracks

Gladly – Do yourself a favour and get this delicious low-key ambient odyssey in your ears and relax:

Devotion is a gorgeous collab with the brilliant Coby Sey:

Here’s that aforementioned dance-pop track – bop along to 2013’s I’m Not Dancing:

Where can I see her live?

For upcoming Tirzah headline shows go to

She’s also playing the brand new We Out Here festival in August – tickets available here

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