Introducing: Nadia Reid


Singer-songwriter Nadia Reid who hails from the coastal suburb of Port Chalmers on New Zealand’s South Island.

The Sound?

Ethereal folk building on the work of psychedelic pioneers Linda Perhacs and Vashti Bunyan along with a new wave of female singer-songwriters including Jessica Pratt & Julie Byrne. Check out the video for the title track off Nadia’s second album “Preservation” below which The Guardian described as “lovelorn folk with dirt under its nails”.

Nadia Reid – Preservation

The Story?

In an interview with Rough Trade Nadia explained she never really wanted to be a musician. “I think I wanted a vet at one point. And a lawyer for about 5 seconds.” In the last year of high school Nadia left home and moved to Christchurch and began playing the guitar and writing songs. “Playing shows was just something I did to pay my rent or something to do. Writing songs  was kind of therapy in a way.”  In 2015 Nadia released her debut LP Listen To Formation, Look For The Signs which in her own words “stumbled into a few people’s laps” and the rest is history.

Essential Tracks

Nadia Reid – Call The Days

Nadia Reid – The Arrow & The Aim

Where can I see Nadia play live?

Nadia is on tour across the UK and Europe right now. Check out upcoming shows & get tickets at

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