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Introducing: Kobi Onyame

Check out Glasgow based Kobi Onyame blending the influence of Hip-Hop greats with classic West African highlife and Afrobeat...

The Sound

Onyame’s music is a deft crossover between old-skool Hip-Hop and Ghanaian rhythms that produces a sound which feels simultaneously, soothing, uplifting and completely real. Many tracks feature a call-and-response structure that demand you become to be a part of the experience. The verses can be choruses, the choruses are chants. All in all, pretty great!

Check out his latest video for the track “Still We Rise” below…

Kobi Onyame feat. Wanlov the Kubolor – Still We Rise

The Story

Born in Accra,  Kobi spent his early years between Ghana and the UK but throughout that time he was surrounded by the Ghanaian highlife music played by his parents. Later at university became completely immersed in the Ghanaian music scene and formed a  hip-hop crew in Ghana which introduced him to luminaries of the scene including M.anifest, M3NSA and Wanlov (the Kubolor). Kobi has now been based in Glasgow for over 10 years producing and releasing music completely independently but it was his 2017 LP “Gold” that saw him nominated for the coveted Scottish Album of the Year Award. On the night he was pipped to the post by Young Fathers (nothing to be ashamed of) but the nomination has shone a fresh light on a talent that demands attention.

Also, he’s got the best trousers in the game …

Essential tracks

Check out “Imminence” off the 2017 album Gold:

Get your ears on “Chosen Ones” also from the SAY Award-nominated album Gold:

Where can I see him live?

Kobi Onyame is playing in Glasgow and Edinburgh at the start of November, you can grab your tickets here.

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