Introducing: Joel Culpepper

Read all about the crazy-talented singer-songwriter ...

This gentleman has been tipped as South East London’s soulful answer to Andre 3000 and Frank Ocean.

The Sound

Simultaneously classic and contemporary, Joel Culpepper boasts a dazzling soul voice that’ll make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. Joel’s vocal performance and charisma have already got fans at Radio1 and BBC 6 Music calling him one the best voices in British soul to emerge since the father of neo soul Omar. 

Listen to the latest single “Caroline No” produced by Swindle; it’s an upbeat & jazzy number where Joel’s impressive vocal sounds nice book-ended by two thought-provoking Kojey Radical rap verses …

This release follows on nicely from Culpepper’s LP Tortoise released last year. He has been making various forms of alternative r&b for six years, Tortoise in particular found success with the recent surge of this genre’s popularity. If you like Childish Gambino’s Awaken My Love there’s a good chance you’ll be in to Joel Culpepper. 

The Story

Culpepper released his debut EP back in 2012; his distinctive UK style had a spellbinding effect on audiences. Born and raised in South East London, Joel decided to put all his efforts into music when he was presented with a choice in Art College. Painting and drawing took a back seat so that music artistry could be the young man’s primary focus. 

We’ve witnessed Culpepper’s approach to single releases & songwriting graduate from mostly ballads to evoking elements of psychedelia and hip hop over his career and the experimentation shows no sign of stopping. The live show is a must-see in our opinion, there’s a reason why he went viral with a live performance of his most popular tune to date (linked below).

Joel Culpepper played All Point East Festival last summer as well as a number of European shows, we’re buzzing to see his return to London at what will be a very special gig in March.

Essential Tracks

‘Woman’ taken from his ‘Tortoise’ LP, has since its release racked up over 5 million listens. Marvel at how Culpepper hits the insane high notes in this incredible Colours performance:

“Afraid To Be King” is the perfect closer for the high-quality Tortoise LP. Watch the video here:

Where Can I see him live?
EartH Theatre, Hackney (Evolutionary Arts Hackney), London 20th March 2019. Get tickets at

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