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Introducing: Jerkcurb

Meet Jerkcurb the singer-songwriter, cartoonist/animator and visual artist from south London. He’ll draw you in with his slow-paced British brand of melancholic guitar pop.


Jacob Read.

The Sound

Noisey have said that “This is music made for the big moments” and NME wrote “Jacob’s a don at making tight-lipped, atmospheric and uniquely British-sounding melancholy come to life on record.” Jerkcurb has received this praise because of his clever song writing style and fresh yet familiar sounding songs.

The sound is strikingly gorgeous, as an artist he’s like a combination of fellow south Londoners Jamie Isaac and Cosmo Pyke – if they combined to make a tune while they were feeling gloomy yet creative. If you don’t know who those artists are you need to pay more attention to the TicketWeb blog. Mainstream comparative translation: an incredibly upset James Blake + Mac Demarco = Jerkcurb…sort of.

The Story

Jacob Read was performing as Jacob Read a few years ago on a relatively casual basis, he had some success too. Going back as far as 2009, he collaborated with King Krule and was also in a band called Horsey. Jerkcurb arrived on the scene in 2016 when he was picked up by Handsome Dad records and released the debut single “Night on Earth” to widespread critical acclaim. (Vice, NME, London in Stereo)

Learning about Jacob Read it appears that he is equally in to art as he is music. He so perfectly merges his two passions together, he is an incredibly unique recording musician for a few reasons. 1) He writes all of his music and lyrics and produces the tracks himself. 2) He creates his own album artwork and graphics/designs for his merchandise. 3) He has animated his own music video. Sometimes I struggle to tie my shoes in the morning. Keep it going Jerkcurb, we salute you.

Essential tracks 

“Night on Earth” is the debut single and has been streamed over 260,000 times. Wrap your ears around it here:

“Somerton Beach” is the latest single which was released in January. Check out the video that Jerkcurb, rather impressively directed and animated himself, right here:

Where can I see him live?

Jerkcurb is Brighton-bound this May for everyone’s favourite new music festival: The Great Escape! Get your tickets here

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