Introducing: Doe

This is Doe; the London based Indie trio who are making waves with their reinvigorated Punk-Pop sound. Really Doe.


Nicola Leel from Aberdeen on Vocals and Guitar. 

Jake Popyura from Essex on Drums.

Dean Smitten from Southampton on Guitar.

The Sound

Doe’s brand of fuzzy Punk positions the band as a sort of modern day, British version of 90’s Weezer. There are melodies aplenty spread across the tracks on the debut album. There is a “take-no-shit” tone ever present on the record which, through angry optimism addresses some of the pressing failures in modern society. 

The Story

Nicola and Jake formed the band in 2013, they went on a number of UK tours and released an LP with two different 3rd band members over a three year period.

Dean joined Doe in early 2016 and the new-look trio journeyed to Leeds to record their debut album Some Things Last Longer Than You. The album was joint-released in September via Specialist Subject and Old Flame.

Essential Tracks

Get your ears on “Sincere” it’s a confrontational tune highlighting a very current issue. In an interview with DIY Jake explains that:

“Nicola’s lyrics are based around dudes who use feminism as a way to appear progressive and intelligent but behind closed doors don’t put any of it into practice. It’s pretty straight up and not really open to interpretation.”

Last Ditch” was added to Some Things Last Longer Than You after the album was supposedly finished. We’re glad it made the cut, it’s a belter. Check out the video for a reminder that summer actually exists. 

Where can I see them?

Doe are headed stateside to play TicketWeb & DIY Magazine presents: SXSW2017 at the British Music Embassy, Latitude 30. They’ll be on stage at 10pm, it’s going to be an awesome event, find out more here.

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