Introducing: Confidence Man

In the words of Gok Wan, it’s all about the confidence, man…


Brisbane based 4-piece Confidence Man fronted by Janet Planet and (the oft-bare chested) Sugar Bones. The line-up’s completed by the veiled faces of Reggie Goodchild and Clarence McGuffie.

The Sound?

Cute but deadly club bangers. Confidence Man are completely free of fucks they could give about what anyone else thinks. This is what pop music should sound like in 2017 but we’ve no idea what’s influenced it.

To really understand Confidence Man though; you probably need to see it live. Check out footage of them playing Splendour in the Grass earlier this year complete with fully blown choreography and their trademark move where they get the whole crowd to sit down. Believe us, we’ve seen it, it’s nuts.

The Story

As Janet & Sugar recounted to Drowned in Sound recently, the band first came together when the band lived as flatmates. A drink fuelled party gatecrashed one of the band’s lone song-writing sessions and Confidence man were born. Eventually, an early demo passed through the hands of the great and the good of the music industry and the band signed to Heavenly Recordings.

Essential Tracks

Confidence Man – Repeat

Talking about the making of the song and the video video Janet Planet remembers “We wrote this song at our home studio in about two hours. By the end of the day we were so excited and drunk that lots of stupid ideas seemed to be working…which is where the lyric ‘I hate bacon and eggs’ comes from. It’s probably not something we would come up with normally, but the next day when we listened back it turned out to be our favourite part. As for the video, we haven’t played with Barbies for a while, but it seemed like the right time to get my old Ken dolls out .” 

Confidence Man – Bubblegum

When can I see them live then?

You can keep an eye on for upcoming Confidence Man dates in the UK but at the moment the band only have Australian dates listed. To make sure you don’t miss out, sign-up to the Confidence Man mailing list.

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