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Introducing: Carys Selvey

She was born in 2000, she doesn’t know what a tamogotchi is, she’s never seen Saved By The Bell, she doesn’t know the woes of dial-up internet, but by God can she write a song. I give you Carys Selvey.


Carys Selvey is a 17 year old singer songwriter from Worcester.

The Sound 

Carys writes exquisite guitar pop songs, which are just a delight to listen to. She’s been writing songs from such a young age that now – even at the tender age of 17 – the tunes express high levels of maturity.

She writes thought-provoking lyrics that appeal to all ages. Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift have influenced Carys so far in her blossoming career, all signs point to Carys following in these sensational singer-songwriter’s footsteps.

The Story 

Selvey’s career kicked off at the 2006 football World Cup. She wrote and performed a song for the English team, pretty impressive introduction to the music world…. especially for a six year old. Big time music mogul Doug Morris got a hold of her first demo-tape (or rather downloadable mp3 file) when Carys was 14. She became the youngest artist to sign to Sony ATV UK ever.

Mac and Phil (Emeli Sande) have produced her debut EP which is due out very soon. The industry holds its breath. And rightly so, Carys Selvey only has one track available online and it has nearly been streamed 200,000 times on Spotify.      

Essential Tracks

“Shallow” is that song,  listen in and see what all the fuss is about.

For a taster of what Carys Selvey is like live check out “Burning Bridges” performed beautifully in this video:

Where can I see her?

Carys Selvey is Brighton-bound this May for everyone’s favourite new music festival: The Great Escape! Get your tickets here

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