Introducing: April Towers

Electronic duo from Nottingham sound-tracking the vibrant energy of a late night in clubland...

The Sound

Charles Burley & Alexander Noble operate under the April Towers name to combine the pioneering work of Aphex Twin & LCD Soundsystem with the pop sensibility of 80s icons Pet Shop Boys & New Order. The result is a sound that is simultaneously timeless and futuristic. Check out Takes One To Know One – the first track to emerge from their sophomore album Certified Freaky which dropped in June.

The Story

Charlie & Alex originally met at school under acrimonious conditions – basically they both fancied the same girl. Thankfully they found they also liked the same music and formed a primarily indie band with 2 other friends. That project ran a successful course but after a a 6 month break the pair rejoined forces this time with a more electronic flavour. The new project quickly picked up support from a number of angles including BBC Radio 1 & the curators of FIFA’s annual soundtrack. Fast forward to  June 2018 and the band released their second LP Certified Freaky which was recorded in the same room used for David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs album.

Essential Tracks

April Towers – A Little Bit Of Fear (As featured on the official FIFA 2016 soundtrack).

April Towers – Like An Animal

Where can I see April Towers play live?

Following a jam-packed festival season April Towers are on tour in the UK this September! Check out all the dates below and get tickets at

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