Interview: Yungblud

We caught up with Yungblud ahead of his performance for Source at the Lock Tavern in Camden this Wednesday…

TW: Hey Yungblud, Describe your sound in 3 words.

YB: Relevant, Future, Nu-Wave.

TW: Where are you from and can you tell us something interesting/something
people should check out about your hometown?

YB: I’m originally from Doncaster, Yorkshire. There wasn’t much to do in donny growing up but one night out on silver street and you will never be the same again. Ever. It’s slightly traumatic but has that “magic pull” that makes you want to keep going!

TW: What’s your favourite venue you’ve played and why?

YB: Probably Oporto in Leeds. It’s home turf for me and the people who you find in there just want discover good music.

TW: Where do you discover new music?

YB: Right now my main source is actually my guitar player, Adam. He is genuinely an encyclopaedia of music and as it turns out, of everything I didn’t even know I liked. From there I usually end up about 20 levels deep through Spotify’s ‘Related Artists’.

TW: What’s the best thing you’ve ever got for free?

YB: I was at Leeds festival 2013 – it was the last day of the festival, so obviously I had spent up all my money, was deathly hungover and starving. This guy at Chicago Town Pizza for some reason was handing out free pizza and it honestly saved me. So to whoever that guy was, THANK YOU.

TW: Outside of music who is your all time hero?

YB: Probably Michelle Obama because she’s a total legend. She totally reps the way the future should be for young people. Put it this way, if I was allowed to take one person to a desert island it would be her because I know she would get her shit together and save us.


TW: What can people expect from your Source set?

YB: Hopefully a message that will inspire you. At the minute I feel like young people are not being listened to, so music is how I express my opinions and I’m hoping that can create a change.

TW: Any pre-gig rituals?

YB: I get quite nervous before a show which I actually enjoy, the adrenaline for me is half the show.

TW: If you won £1000 on a scratch card what would you spend it?

YB: Probably a lot of it on dim sum, I fucking love dim sum.

TW: Apart from playing shows, what’s your favourite thing to do in Camden?

YB: Electric Ballroom, busting moves at that place on a Saturday night.


Source is brand new club night showcasing the best in new music on the first Wednesday of every month at Camden’s Lock Tavern. Wanna know what’s even better – it’s free! Check out upcoming Source line-ups at 

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