Weezer @ O2 Academy Brixton – 05/04/16

When you watch Weezer these days one thing becomes abundantly clear over all else. This is a band that is having a blast. After over 20 years in the music business, Weezer have hit their stride, and judging by the range of ages in attendance at Tuesdays’s O2 Academy Brixton show, are just as relevant as they were when they first hit the airwaves all those years ago.

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Kicking off their set with the first track from their excellent new record; “California Kids” set the tone for the rest of the evening. This was going to be a night off from the monotony of everyday existence. Rivers Cuomo, (dressed in a resplendent white sports coat with matching trousers) and his band were going to show their audience a damn good time. Singalongs were aplenty and Weezer brought a little ray of California sunshine into one of London’s most cherished music venues.

The band blistered through their 21 song set, which included mega-tunes such as “Hash Pipe”, “Say It Ain’t So”, “Beverly Hills” and a charming, if hap-hazard version of “Pork And Beans.”

Closing the set with fan favourite “Buddy Holly”, the band looked genuinely thrilled that so many people had made the effort to come see them. A feeling that was very much reciprocated by the crowd. Now hurry up confirm some festivals already.

Want to relive the night? Listen to the setlist below.


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