#TW15 – fave albums of the last 15 years

We’re going to be honest – a lot of albums came out in the last fifteen years so we struggled with this a bit. Trying to think of all that music made our heads hurt a little, but we managed to get some gems together for your perusal – a mixture of cult classics and albums you’ve maybe never heard of… This is TicketWeb’s fave albums of the last 15 years. DON’T FORGET! We’re going on a tour and, y’know, it’s kind of a big deal. Whatever. We’re not bragging. Check it all out here.

Arctic Monkeys – Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not

The album of a generation, Arctic Monkey’s Whatever People Say I Am was released in 2006 and became the fastest selling debut album in British music history. It later went on to win the Mercury Prize for Best Album and spawned I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor and When The Sun Goes Down. Like you’d forgotten…

In Rainbows – Radiohead

In Rainbows was released as a pay-what-you-want download in October 2007 and was ranked as one of the best albums of the year. Still a staple on many-a-playlist to date…


Electric Wizard – Dopethrone


Released in 2000, Doom-Metallers Dopethrone’s  Electric Wizard is widely regarded to be some of their best work to date. The end of the album is just silence. Moody.


Linkin Park – Hybrid Theory


Linkin Park’s debut effort, Hybrid Theory is an album that has gone down in history. Released in October 2000, Hybrid Theory put Nu-Metal on the map and paved the way for a generation of forward-thinking metal kids. We’re still into it now, even if Nu-Metal isn’t cool anymore…


Swans – The Seer


The TWELFTH studio album by Swans, this came out in 2012 and features vocals from Karen O, amongst other high profile guest appearances.


The Sophtware Slump – Grandaddy


The sophomore album from Grandaddy, The Sophtware Slump was released back in 2000. Written and recorded alone by frontman, Jason Lytle, in a farmhouse, he made the album “in my boxer shorts, bent over keyboards with sweat dripping off my forehead, frustrated, hungover, and trying to call my coke dealer”. Edgy.

Destiny’s Child – The Writings on The Wall


Do we even need to say anything about this album? Released in 1999, The Writing’s On The Wall was the second album by Destiny’s Child in their second incarnation, before LaToya and LaTavia left and Michelle Williams joined. Spawning some undeniable classics, DC still reign, even if they technically aren’t together anymore. Preach!


Mariah Carey – The Emancipation of Mimi


Mariah Carey, with her giant lungs and high-pitched, tuneful squealing, finally saw herself emancipated – from what, we’re not really sure. Released in 2005, TEOP (yep) was considered her comeback album and put her firmly back on the map as the Diva of the Decade.




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