#TW15 – Eliza & The Bear

We’re having a 15th birthday, so we’ve been doing a lot of nostalgic time traveling and reminiscing about days of yore. Aaaah, the good old days, eh? Eliza & The Bear are heading out on our #TW15 tour with us, so we caught up with Martin from the band to delve into his past and conjure up some sweet, sweet memories. Don’t forget, you can catch Eliza & The Bear at O2 Academy Birmingham as part of the #TW15 tour – the full, juicy line-up is right here.

How did you celebrate your 15th Birthday?

Honestly I think that might have been one of the first times we managed to sneak into a pub and get served some drinks. I think a few of us had fake oyster cards! We thought it was the coolest thing ever.

inbetweeners age Inbetweeners inbetweeners fish bowl


What were you up to in  1999?

So I would have been 11 at the time. At this point I would have been at school and been playing guitar for a couple of years. Below is a photo of me in 1999 compared to now. During this year I sung “Wonderwall” by Oasis in a Karaoke competition and won my family a holiday. Big moment considering I’m an awful singer!

Eliza now then


What was your favourite song in 1999?

By this point I think I was just getting into Korn so would have to be “Blind” off their first self-titled album. I was the biggest Nu-metal fan at the time.

How do you think music will sound in 15 years’ time?

That’s really hard to foresee. The first thing that comes to my head is literally loads of bizarre computers noises made by robots. But I guess music seems to go in cycles so who knows!


How do you think humans will live in 15 years’ time?

The rate that technology is moving I’m hoping for some form of rocket powered segways


What’s your gig attendance history like…?

First gig? I remember it was the 14th December because it was my Brother’s birthday. There were around 50 people there, mainly friends and family.

Last Gig? Well we are on tour at the moment so it would have been Underground Festival in Gloucester. There were around 200 people there and was amazing crowd!

Favourite gig memory? Probably would have to be when we supported Paramore at Wembley Arena. This venue was where I attended my first gig (AC/DC) so to play it was very special.

Favourite venue? Would have to be Brixton Academy. I seem to go to most gigs at this venue and where I ended up seeing all my favourite bands including previously mentioned Korn m/

Crowd gifsss


Favourite band T-shirt?

I’m going to seem like an obsessed Korn fan now but it would have to be that one. Ignore the dodgy locks!
Eliza Bear Korn

Your favourite thing about being at a gig/club?

Fist Pumping

Are you a ticket hoarder?

No but I do have a scrapbook in which I collect all the stickys/posters/passes I receive from all the bands I have been in.

Got any great pics from the stage?

Got quite a few but this one at Brixton is pretty special!

Eliza Bear brix

Got any claims to fame?

I met Brian May once….

Eliza Bear Brian May


BRIAN MAY! That’s a serious claim to fame! That brings our Eliza & The Bear grilling to a close, cheers Martin! Don’t forget you can catch them live, alongside all our seriously sick #TW15 artists, just head here to get involved.

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