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New kids on the block, All About She, are set to play Birthdays in Dalston next Wednesday – we thought seeing as it was our birthday, we’d catch up with them and talk all things space/time/music related. If you fancy catching them in action, you can grab tickets here.



How did you celebrate your 15th Birthday?

I hung out with my friends and probably tried to steal some of their parents’ alcohol as we couldn’t get it ourselves! Lol! Fun times!! Vanya 

Bday selena


What were you up to in 1999?

School! Nothing too interesting!!! Discovering loads of of music was probably my favourite thing to do & Skating! Jon


What was your favourite song in 1999?

Any song from the TLC album, FanMail I suppose. I was addicted!!!! Vanya 

tlc no scrubs


How do you think music will sound in 15 years’ time?

I think it will be a lot less structured. More about the feeling and the energy it gives to people. I think there will be a lot less ‘stars’ more singles and it’ll just be about the song rather than the following of an artist and image.  Music will always find a way of being fresh and appealing worldwide but we might just consume the culture of it in a different way. Vanya


How do you think humans will live in 15 years’ time?

I’m hoping through education and access to more information from the world than ever before, we’ll live in an environment where we are more aware of how we treat each other and the world.  James 

music god



What’s your gig attendance history like…?

First gig? At a concert in Hyde Park with loads of classic bands like The Who & Eric Clapton with my parents! Jon

Last Gig? We all saw MNEK in East London and he absolutely smashed it. He’s a great guy! James 

Favourite gig/club memory? Space in Ibiza is epic! Jon & James

Favourite venue? The Roundhouse in Camden, it’s got such a good ambience! We’d love to perform there one day. Vanya 

Space Ibiza


Favourite band T-shirt?

Osibisa T-shirt! I’ve had it for 6yrs and still wear it now!!! Jon


Your favourite thing about being at a gig/club?

The volume of the music and seeing the artist feeding off the crowd’s energy. Seeing an act live changes the way you feel about an act. It’s almost like you see every part of them in the performance. James 

Crowd gif


Are you a ticket hoarder?

A little, I can’t think of how many I’ve got now. Jon


What’s the best on-stage shot in your phone?

It was our picture in front of the crowd at Creamfields 2014!! We did an amazing set and the crowd were incredible.  All About She.

All About She Creamfields


Got any claims to fame?

I’ve got a picture with Samuel L Jackson from a GQ dinner with my Disturbing London ladies, Jessie J and Sasha Keable and the super talented Jess Glynne. He’s a legend and I think we were all a bit star struck!!! Vanya 

All About She Samuel L Jackson

Cheers guys! Don’t forget, if you wanna catch All About She at Birthdays n 8th October, all you need to do is click… HERE.

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