#TW15 – what we were doing in 1999

Picture the scene: Tony Blair is Prime Minister. Queen Elizabeth II is the Queen. Prince Harry turns fifteen; yet to make distasteful fancy dress choices. The Euro is launched, poised to be a ‘threat to the dollar’. Glenn Hoddle is dismissed as England manager. Ross Kemp leaves EastEnders *dum dum dum dumdum dum dummm etc*. Come on Over by Shania Twain is the most successful album of the year(!!!). The Scottish Parliament meets for the very first time. Alex Ferguson officially becomes ‘Sir’…



Holby City airs for the first time. The London Eye is lifted. Tracey Emin exhibits ‘My Bed’. Jonathan Ross joins Radio 2. There’s a Eurovision Song Contest – our effort, Precious, with Say It Again, comes 12th. Denise van Outen leaves The Big Breakfast. Kelly Brook joins The Big Breakfast. BRITNEY SPEARS AND THAT SCHOOLGIRL OUTFIT HAPPENS. Everyone is bricking it about the Millennium Bug. Cliff Richard’s The Millennium Prayer, which is basically him singing the Lord’s Prayer to the tune of Auld Lang Syne, goes to number ONE for TWO WEEKS, only to be knocked off by WESTLIFE in time for Christmas. Loads of other stuff happens. Life as we know it will never be the same.

kelly brook


As the youngest member of TicketWeb, I have spent the last few weeks whilst I have been collating this information accidentally making everyone feel old by musing on my own experiences of 1999 – I was seven years old, with naïve, innocent eyes and an incredible, almost super-human ability to name every single song on all the Now That’s What I Call Music albums from 1997 onwards within the first three seconds. I spent most of my time dreaming about Abs from 5ive and pretending I owned Bernard’s Watch. Anthony from Event Programming is only a little bit older than me and says he was “Getting really excited about my Primary school field trip to the Millennium Dome only to be bored senseless (except for the ball pit, that was amazing!)”. Yep, thrilling times for us both.

Yasmine 1999
Yasmine, looking angelic – I have no idea what happened

Everyone else at TicketWeb, it seems, were doing far more exciting things on account of being older than us. At lot of TW were at school, listening to the wide array of great pop music on offer and ‘coming of age’ one way or another. Libby, our Senior Client Account Manager, was “celebrating my A-Level results with a girly holiday to Ibiza” before she moved to Glasgow for university – and she’s still in Glasgow now! Mark, Head of Artist Services says, “It was all going off in ‘99. I turned 16 and had one of the best summers of my life, culminating in going to Reading for the first time on the same day I got my GCSE results, and playing a load of gigs with my friends”. Just like a movie or something.


Mark from Artist Services, raging against the machine

Jackie from PR says, “I was finishing my last year in high school. It was such a good year, there were so many amazing people who were in my year at school. We had a blast! I also had co-hosted a countdown show on a community radio station in Melbourne called Hitz FM. We really changed radio and gave the commercial stations a run for their money. It was a huge experience for me and taught me so many valuable lessons, and it was also some of the best times of my life” – our very own celeb. Jon, our Brand & Social Media Manager was “destroying GCSE French”, which is why we guess he’s so good at accents.

Jackie 15
Jackie (right), from PR, hiding in a bush

Jen, one of our account managers, says she was “learning how to survive in an all-girls secondary school, coming to terms with body hair, beauty care and having to deal with it all without seeking advice from my mother”. We hear you, sister. Katie from Artist Services was “going to Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s galore – not to mention the ‘evenings in’ where you went to other people’s houses for a Saturday night and the boys would ask the girls if they wanted to snog”. Well, we’ll leave it there with the over-sharing of information…

Katie DLF 1999
Katie from Artist Services,  fresh from kissing all those boys…


Lisa, our Client Marketing Manager got her bellybutton pierced – a true sign back in the day that you were really cool. Do people still get their belly buttons pierced? Marnie, another one of our CAMs, travelled from Sydney around South East Asia, India and Nepal and landed in London – she’s still here too! Wiltshire, our Senior Client Account Manager (or SCAM) says he was working in a record shop in Camden. Hipster.

SCAM Wiltshire, being a 90s hipster… We expected nothing less


Lindsey, our Lead CAM, was doing her Standard Grades in 1999, “wearing boot cut jeans and DMs.  I had a big fringe. Highlight of the year was going to V99 – headlined by Manic Street Preachers and Suede. The Manics played Masses Against the Classes for the first time!”. Aydi from Artist Services was “at school, dancing to the newest worldwide hit, Baby One More Time”, Kay from Event Programming was “watching Top of the Pops and going to house parties, getting tipsy off jelly shots and Breezers”, and Neil, Head of TicketWeb UK was, well, he was working for Ticketmaster in the Ticket Admin department. He hasn’t strayed too far, clearly.

Neil 1999 again
Neil, Head of TicketWeb UK with a FABULOUS head of hair!


Of course, TicketWeb was born in 1999 and that’s why we’re digging deep into our diminishing memories to remember those shameful, badly dressed years of manufactured pop music, Nokia 3210s, Pokemon cards and Microscooters (WHY are they a thing again?). As the original independent ticket shop, we’ve been around for bloody ages and we’re looking forward to many more years of growing bigger, getting even better and providing you with the gigs you love.


To celebrate our 15th birthday, we’re going on a massive tour of the UK with some of the best names in music – Ella Eyre, Johnny Marr, Band of Skulls, St Vincent, East India Youth and La Roux, to name a few! Check out all the dates on our #TW15 page and keep your eyes peeled for exciting giveaways!

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