#TW15 – when we were 15

We’re getting all nostalgic in the TicketWeb office as we look back on the last fifteen years, so we decided to ask the guys in the office to think back to times of yore, reminisce about the good old days (some older than others) and share some memories with us. Prepare to be guided down our very own memory lane…


It seems that in the grand scheme of things, turning fifteen for us humans is a pretty insignificant occasion. You’re still at school, but you feel like you already know everything. You feel old enough to try and pretend you’re an adult, but you’re not actually old enough to do anything. At all. Life is just sooooo unfair at fifteen, and you feel yourself relating to Kevin & Perry without the slightest hint of irony. You wanted to go and hang out with all the cooler, older people, but your parents were still enforcing a strict curfew. Cue you leaving gatherings with a red face at least 45 minutes before everyone else. How uncool. God, mum, do you have to pick me up right outside where everyone can see? REALLY?




On the plus side, at fifteen, you can confidently walk into your local branch of the Odeon or whatever and see a fifteen rated film, without getting someone older to buy the tickets for you, or frantically trying to order them online so you could swerve the cashier. You can also now officially work eight hours a day and up to 35 hours a week during school holidays. GREAT! CAN’T WAIT TO START WORK!




We asked everyone in the office what they did for their fifteenth birthday, and we’ll be honest, it was as rubbish as you’d expect. Loads of people couldn’t remember, a fact I’d put down to everyone being a bit older and, as previously mentioned, fifteenth birthdays being crap. Lindsey, Lead Client Account Manager vaguely recalls, “It probably involved pizza.  It’s also possible that that’s when I got my first bass guitar, which I still have.” Wild.




BBQs seemed like a popular choice for a lot of us, perhaps our parents’ way of bargaining with our pleas that we are definitely grown-ups – what screams ‘adult’ more than a sophisticated BBQ with a selection of mocktails? Sleepovers were a firm favourite too, obviously. Libby, one of our CAMs says “We stayed up all night eating junk food and watching horror films!”. Oh, the old midnight snack – it doesn’t feel as fun getting up in the middle of the night to cook a Rustler’s cheeseburger now that your mum isn’t there to tell you off for it.


West 15
West here, not really sure what’s going on…


Mark from Artist Services had a decidedly more edgy 15th birthday than most of TicketWeb – he says, “Being from the deepest darkest fens in Lincolnshire, there wasn’t much to do as a 15 year old. While I don’t remember exactly, it’s more than likely that me and my friends nominated the one who looked the oldest to buy some cans and fags and sat on a riverbank in the dark. One of my friends had a completely impractical portable record player that we used to take around with us – that was our idea of a party!”. TicketWeb’s 15th birthday, naturally, was a similar affair.


Yasmine beers
Yasmine, freed from the shackles of her parents to run around a field necking Carlsbergs. Nothing’s changed.


Neil, Head of TicketWeb, said that he was “probably wondering how Manchester City would get on in the upcoming season. (In case you’re wondering we got promoted on the last day of the 88-89 season…)” –we definitely we wondering, thanks Neil. Lisa, our Client Marketing Manager, went to Dreamland in Margate,” the oldest-surviving theme park in the UK”. Who wouldn’t want to cheat death on a load of old rollercoasters on their birthday? Katie from Artist Services, however, by far won with her 15th birthday celebrations. I’ll let her explain for herself…


Katie DLF 1999
Katie from Artist Services, again. This picture was too good not to use twice. Sorry Katie.

“A bungee run in my garden, except I kept getting my hair stuck on the Velcro that ran down the centre and sides, which you bungeed down to see who could stick their bean bag the furthest. It then ended up with gatecrashers and kids throwing Haribo at my parents’ bedroom window”, apparently whilst wearing “pink, silk, Hawaii leaf trousers and a one-shouldered tie-dye pink top”. All the embarrassment of being a teenager, perfectly encapsulated into one birthday party. Amazing.


The best story of them all – although strictly not a 15th birthday tale – comes from Jackie in PR. Prepare to be blown away…

Jackie 15 blink 182

“This pic was taken of me when I worked at a youth radio station in Melbourne called Hitz Fm. I’d wagged (or as you say here in England, skived) the day off school to go into the studio as Tom Delonge was coming in for an interview. I was literally shaking when I asked him to sign my CDs ‘Cheshire Cat’ and ‘Dude Ranch’. He was so nice and friendly, and when I told him that I missed out on getting tickets to their gig he said, “Don’t worry, I’ll put you on the Blink 182 guest list. How many friends you wanna bring?” and I blurted out “2?”. Obviously going to the venue with two of my mates that day I was worried that I wouldn’t be on the list, but low and behold, Tom was true to his word and it was one of the best gigs of my life!” We are so jealous that it actually hurt to share that with you.


TicketWeb just celebrated its 15th birthday and although it feels like we’ve been around forever, we’ve still got all the sprightly energy of a bright eyed and bushy tailed teenager. To celebrate this milestone, we’re only going on a ruddy tour! You heard. With the likes of Johnny Marr, La Roux, Ella Eyre, Band of Skulls, East India Youth and St Vincent on board, it’s going to be the knees up to end all knees ups. You can see the full tour in all its glory here. Best of all, we want you to get involved – we’re going to be giving away lots of exciting stuff, so keep your eyes in the general #TW15 direction.



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