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Bad Sounds talk us through their debut album...

Our love for Bad Sounds knows no boundaries. We’ve been telling the world about how bloody ace they are for a while now, and earlier this year included them in our annual  Ones To Watch list. The Wiltshire brothers debut album Get Better is out today and we’re super excited about it! To celebrate, we asked Ewan from the band to run us through each track of the record, and give it a little bit of context. Have a read and then pick up your copy! 

Words by Ewan from Bad Sounds. 

Get Better Theme
A scene setter 

When we wrote wages we were working full time and spending all our evenings and days off making music. We’d been living this routine for years and were both sick of the jobs and feeling more and more frustrated about not being able to focus full time on our passion. We spent a night sulking about it and recorded the demo for wages which ironically ended up being one of the main things that got us out of our day jobs.

All of our music is about people we know but this was the first song we ever did that on. Each verse is about different friends of ours and how they spent their evenings. They told us about them separately and then we very creepily stole their stories for this song. It was our second single and we didn’t have anything resembling a fanbase at that time but Annie Mac made it her radio 1 tune of the week which shocked a lot of people especially us and we see that as the point where the band started to get going. We are eternally grateful to her for that.

How Are You Gonna Lose
We got to write for, and record a string section for the first time on this song. It was the best experience ever and we feel super lucky that we got to do it. 

Couldn’t Give It Away
While recording the album we were dealing with some loss and this is one of the songs that came out of that.

Milk It
Milk it is like Wages Pt2. Now the fear is having to go back to the day job. 

As soon as we wrote this song we knew we wanted it on the album. We are total suckers for a dark brooding groove. We got to spend a day obsessing over drum sounds trying to get that loop right and making the ending section sound as intense as possible and it was awesome.

Get Better Theme Pt.2
Words to live by

Evil Powers
Bad JuJu and superstitious views 

Thomas Is A Killer
Is a song about a friend we lost to cancer last year.

Another Man
This took us the longest to write on the album but has become one of our favourites. We were really obsessed with the main loop and were super strict with ourselves about making sure everything we did arrangement-wise complimented that.

I’m a romantic what can I say.

No luck
This is probably the oldest song on the album. We always felt really special about it but were waiting for the right time to put it out. So naturally we rinsed it and based the whole album around it.


Bad Sounds debut album Get Better is out now! Purchase/Stream it HERE 

Tha band go on tour this October to support the album. Tickets on sale now at www.ticketweb.co.uk/BadSounds

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