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Tour Bus Mixtape: Social Beingz

Download this playlist before your next journey and thank us later ...

One Part US and one part UK Urban/Pop Duo Social Beingz have made us their perfect playlist for long journeys in time for their UK & European Tour. Josh (UK) and Ryan (USA) who make up Social Beingz have travelled all over the world boasting a touring CV of over 20 different countries including USA, South Africa and most of Europe. They do so much travelling we thought they’d have some good recommendations to soundtrack long journeys. 

Read on for some stellar song suggestions and the reasons why you should download them for your next trip.

Social Beingz are touring UK & Europe this February & April. Tickets are available now through

Josh’s picks… 

Oasis – “Champagne Supernova” 

Being a Manchester lad Oasis, are the sacred untouchable band and “Champagne Supernova” is the perfect travel song. It’s a longer song too, nearly 8 minutes, so it is great for passing the time. This song for me has the most beautiful production I’ve ever heard in a Rock N Roll track, opening with smooth rolling waves breaking on the sand of a beach it immediately puts you in that chilled mood as the opening guitar riff provides the soundtrack.

Drake – “Pound Cake / Paris Morton Music 2” feat. Jay Z

I am already letting you into my crazy eclectic music taste but hey that’s me! I love rap and for me Drake is my number 1 and there is nothing I love more than him jumping on an old school, chopped up high-pitched sample with driving drums that pump through it. If you don’t recognise the sampled female vocal, it is UK’s very own Ellie Goulding from her track “Don’t Say A Word.” The track has features production from the iconic Boi-1da, as well as additional sampling from “Jimmy Smith Rap” by Jimmy Smith, as well as “C.R.E.A.M” by the Wu-Tang Clan.

Ariana Grande – “thank u, next”

A newer tune but for me, this tune is a pop sensation. I’ve always loved Ariana’s Mariah Carey-esque vocal delivery and now matching it with the perfectly written pop tune with such a strong message, not just that we can be thankful for our ex-girlfriends/boyfriends because they teach us so much but ultimately the message of the song is that there is purpose in pain, we can learn from suffering and what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Being from Manchester, she won a new place in my heart when the Manchester Arena attack happened at her show. It must have been such a harrowing experience for her. Also after the death of her ex Mac Miller, I personally think she is so strong for writing this track. This is not your average pop tune!

Fourth Man – “We Don’t Travel We Escape”

Allow me to introduce to you the musical sensation that is Fourth Man. A new one-man-solo artist project from this fellow Manchester-based artist. He is also our best mate and sound engineer but he didn’t pay us to put him in this list and it is not a friendly favour. He is genuinely  amazing and his talent levels are out of this world but the music will speak for him, check it out. Oh, and he is also supporting us on tour too!

Joan – “Stop And Stare” 

Joan are an up and coming band from the US who write and produce all their own stuff. All their songs are amazing but this is my favourite as it was the first song that I heard from them. I guess that first song from an artist that you end up loving is always a special one. These guys are definitely one to watch for sure. 

Ryan’s picks

Calvin Harris feat. Frank Ocean, Migos – “Slide”  

SLIDE IS AN INSTANT VIBE!!!!! This song gets me warmed up for any situation I finding myself in. If I’m on my way to play a gig or I’m going on vacation or I’m about to go for a run this song puts me in the right mood to tackle each scenario with swagger and confidence. I would put this in the “Trigger Track” category because the second someone triggers this track I’m LIT! 

Jon Bellion – “80’s Films”  

If you’ve never heard of Jon Bellion then you have to cancel your entire morning plans, get a few friends in a car and just drive around until you’ve listened to the entire back catalogue!!! Its emo meets Rap, meets Disney, meets J Dilla.  The best part about Jon Bellion is that he always brings me to a nostalgic feel-good place whenever the current radio isn’t giving me anything new or exciting. I know I can count on him to hit me with something different!

A Tribe Called Quest – “Scenario” 

One of the first groups I got into when I started listening to hip-hop music as a teenager.  I don’t know if it was the vibe, or lyrics, or the general positive nature of the music but I need music with this type of positive power behind it everywhere I go! Add Busta Rhymes on top and you’re looking at a MUST HAVE for any road trip Short or long!

Kill Switch Engage – “The End Of Heartache” 

My music has always been an eclectic mix of genres and styles. Up until the last 5/10years the two main Genres have always been rap/hip-hop and metal/rock. The quintessential MONSTER of hardcore music is the band Killswitch Engage and if I had to pick one track that had the most elements of hardcore and metal music that I loved, then “The End of Heartache” has to be that song. If I need to get in the zone or let off some steam on a journey this is my go-to Jam!

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – “Cant Hold Us” 

I wasn’t a fan of his breakout hit “Thrift Shop” but there was something about Macklemore’s voice that was infectious. I couldn’t deny I was pulled when he released Can’t Hold Us, it felt similar to the first time I heard Eminem on the 2001 album in the song “Forgot About Dre.”  I had never heard anything like it before! Every time I hear either of these two songs I’m reminded why I do music because of the special moments it creates in people’s lives.

Catch Social Beingz on tour at the following dates in February 2019. 

10 February 2019 – O2 Institute3 Birmingham 
15 February 2019 – The Camden Assembly, London 
16 February 2019 – Manchester Academy 3 

Tickets for the tour are available now through 

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