The Time I Stopped Off In Hebden Bridge

Tuesday 4th April – Oporto, Leeds

Following on from the Alessi and CC tour, we were feeling quite mind bent after Manchester (see previous post) so I took to Google Maps to find a pleasant half way point for us to enjoy on our way to Leeds. We wake up early, but still manage to miss breakfast (bran flakes was as good as it was going to get) and set off to the wonder of Hebden Bridge. Have you ever been? It’s bloody lovely. There’s something so enriching to visit the hills and see the country side when you’re touring. Something or somewhere to take you out of that touring bubble, something to give you some headspace and Hebden provided just that.

I picked up some rose flavoured wheat beer, ate some great avocado/bacon duo and even picked up my favourite Sheryl Crow record for £1.50 ( by the way shout out to Melinda from Shelter for giving me the secret copy of the record because she also was an early SC fan). I then went onto finding a skate park and despite everything inside me saying ‘Charlotte, this is dangerous on tour’ I went ahead for some fresh air.

Onto Leeds. After a quick Primark stop for the usual and necessary plain black t-shirt stock, we make our way into Oporto to be greeted by the lovely gang over at High and Lonesome who book my shows in Leeds. They are wonderful people. We set up, I have some beautiful pulled chicken quesadilla’s from next door of which we don’t finish so they let us have a doggy bag (winner).

Altar Hanglands opens up, and he’s incredible. That type of heartbroken, raw, gut wrenching artist who writes so starkly, and so honestly it hurts in all of the right ways. I ask, please go and give him a listen. 


The set goes well, Alessi sings beautifully and we both realise we are already half way through this run of shows. Its that strange sense of sadness which creeps in when you realise you won’t be doing this a week from now. In the mean time, I cherish every moment of the now and sing the crap out of life. You have to make every show count hey?

Photo by John Pridmore

Before I know it, I’m packing the Ford Focus again and we head 30 miles down south into a slightly nicer hotel in Rotherham. It’s one of those hotels, where people also go to get boozy for meetings or weddings so when I rock up at 1am with 5 guitars, their faces seem puzzled, gawking at me like I’m a martian before asking ‘Do you play guitar?’. I try really hard to come up with a clever, witty, inoffensive answer but It’s 1am and all I honestly want to do is brush my teeth. 

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