The Time With The Rain and The Pasties

Friday 11th August – Boardmasters Festival

Just like every other Midlander, family holidays consisted of long ass 10 hour drives to Cornwall yes? Perhaps even before the dual carriage way, so that slog to Newquay was torture but the sun, surf and cornish pasties always made the ‘are we there yet mum?’ agro worth it. With all of this nostalgia in mind, being booked for Boardmasters was a big victory. 

We begin the day and the convoy at 4am, stopping off at Gloucester Services first for a posh pork pie and I was completely unaware we would be there, set up and napping in the tent by 12pm. Didn’t this take me 10 hours once? I was slyly and secretly hoping for the rain because I was playing inside a tent and the rain makes the people panic, therefore having to listen to me whether they liked it or not, so for that day and that 30 minutes I was so thankful for the rain. The crowd was so exciting. You may have been drenched, but you didn’t just prop up at the bar and ignore me, you yelled and whistled and chanted and it made those 300 miles to get to you so worth it. It also made those 16 year old Boardmasters Festival dreams glisten that little bit more. Loading the cars with the gear in the pouring rain was a bit crap but I already had my sights on the beer and the mac and cheese stand later. 

The next day, the sun was shining so I woke up camp and persuaded everybody to go to Fistral to see some competitions. I managed to watch the Girls Mini Ramp Comp, that was awesome and I feasted on my first cornish pasty of the trip. (I save these delicacies for Cornwall only, and if I’m holiday with my Dad we like make a point of a 2 course pasty lunch –  savoury, followed by sweet).

The views were gorgeous on this day, so Costa Del Cornwall and it set me up nicely to finish off my crate of beer back at camp, put on some face paint and get ready for the night ahead. My sister also joined me for this weekend, so I knew I would have my ultimate dancing partner with me, and being so far away from home, why not turn this into a little holiday? 

Yes, I am that stereotypical festival go-er and I’m not ashamed one bit. You’re only in your late 20’s, enjoying festivals you’re booked for once, and I intend to enjoy every minute of them (although I will probably still be saying this when I’m in my 30’s).

Special thanks goes to my drummer, Matt, who like the true gent he is drove me to get a last minute farewell pasty before we drove 300 miles back home.

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