The Time I Played In A Brewery – Charlotte Carpenter

Sunday 2nd April – Phipps Brewery, Northampton

A few months ago, my dear friend, Alessi and I decided to dust off some new year blues and book a tour together. It was our plan to play small venues, quirky and perhaps places we’ve always wanted to play but never quite made it happen and Phipps Brewery was at the top of my list. For anyone who follows me on twitter etc etc you’ll know I love my beer; I can’t get enough of how diverse they can be (favourites are Belgian blonde). 

So, It’s the first night of co-headline tour. We figure out the best way to pack my ford focus for the week and set off just a few miles away to Northampton Town to be greeted by the wonderful Sam inside the brewery. I’m in love, straight away. Everything is made of wood, fairy lights are hung across the ceiling and there is beer everywhere. It’s basically my living room goals. The building is beautiful; floors and floors of history, antiques, barrels, warmth and light. The tour is already a success and we haven’t started to sing yet.

Photo by Alessi (upstairs inside Phipps)

We are apprehensive – it’s a Sunday night and the last thing people want is more beer (I had just landed from a friends wedding in Belfast the evening before and drank far too much Guinness myself) but It was such a warm and welcoming start to a tour which we would later realise would re-ignite and mould our love of performing music. We have to send our deepest thanks to Sam Line who looked after us the moment we arrived, filling us with cafetire coffee and sent us home with much ale to try. 

I have to say I felt nervous, I hadn’t played solo for a really long time and some of me had forgotten what It felt like to do that. I started out solo many many years ago, and I still see myself as solo but more often than not I play with my band. Suddenly, I was more exposed than ever but every moment helped me re-connect with these songs which I’d written in my bedroom. You can so easily disconnect from something when you do it long and often enough, and this was the very start of falling back in love with some of my older songs, and feeling excited for the new ones too (you’ll hear more about this soon…). 

Photo by John Pridmore

I can’t recommend enough to visit Phipps if you’re in the area, and BANDS GO THERE! Lets be honest, we all need to find those hidden gems for venues. They stand out, they stay with you and make you feel lucky to be doing this at all. 

CC x

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