The Time I Learnt About Bees at Bluedot

Saturday 8th July – Bluedot Festival

As soon as I was booked for this festival, I was so excited. It’s not everyday or summer you get asked to play a science orientated festival at Jodrell Bank (the third largest radio telescope in the World!). We drove onto the site and was in awe at the beauty of the Lovell Telescope. I did 6 months of astronomy studies at schools so this was pretty cool to see, and even if you’re not interested in science or astronomy you can’t deny it’s pretty impressive to stare at. 

I played Roots stage; a stage boasting of new and upcoming talent largely based around Folk and Americana and it was tucked amongst some tree’s, passing an area dedicated to science education. The band and I had some hours to kill so splintered off to the stalls which tickled our fancy the most. The boys went off to learn about aero dynamics and I went to learn about the bees. I’m a big honey lover; mum buys me an array of local honeys for Christmas which see me through my year of touring and I’ve always marvelled at bees. Yes, Bee’s are cool. I was watching a demonstration about hives, and the speaker had bought a completely empty hive with him but within a few hours the bee’s of Jodrell had found their new home and I found that pretty fascinating to watch. Did you know Bee’s communicate within their hives by something called a Waggle dance? I’m into it. 

So I’m feeling a little bit smarter than when I arrived and we begin to make our way to the stage, welcomed by a lovely golf buggy and trailer combo (which is good for us, we have so much gear and once were given wheel barrows in a thunderstorm in Scotland). First thing, the festival sponsor and rider was Blue Moon. Musicians – let’s not pretend this is normal. We normally have warm Becks or Redstripe. I was over the blue moon (bad joke) and the lovely Wendy who was looking after the stage, kept sneaking me extra. 

The show went so well, so well that somebody even started to dance at one point. I was so happy, I don’t think anybody has ever danced or shaken a hip to my sometimes-sad-sometimes-happy-stompy-bluesy music. I welcome that, so feel free from now on guys. 

Later that night, my drummer and I decide to enjoy the luxury of festivals, so set up our pop ups in staff camping and wandered into the night at Bluedot, being welcomed by fire shows, light displays and many more blue moons. It felt special to be there, I felt like I was at a festival which was only going to get bigger. 

P.s please begin sponsoring more festivals Blue Moon. 

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