The Time The Hotel Had A Pool

Thursday 6th April 2017 – Ort Cafe, Birmingham

Brum! How the hell could I miss you off of a tour hey? Ort is one of those so venues many of my favourite musicians have come to, and despite playing nearly all of the venues across this city, I’ve never quite made it to Ort, but every time I think back to this show, so much love comes to me and thats because the crowds are everything. They’re those types of crowds which heckle you, in a friendly-lets-have-some-onstage-conversation sort of way and I love those the most.

I begin the day checking into the hotel – our poshest one yet. Slowly as the week has gone on, we’ve treated ourselves to slightly nicer hotel rooms. We started the week on paying £24 and Birmingham crept up to £40 so naturally we felt like queens. We even had a pool. I’d never been swimming on tour before, I’d played mini golf or risked my wrists skateboarding, but swimming has that glimmer to it that makes you feel like you’re really treating yourself. However, the reality is we had 20 minutes to squeeze a few breast strokes in before we had to set off to soundcheck.

Orttttt – what a beautiful room! Again welcomed by wonderful hospitality and a free curry. I even discovered a ping pong table in the back. It’s all of these tiny details which really make a tour worth while. The crowd was a beauty in Birmingham, our biggest of the week every minute of it felt like I was playing to friends in a front room. For me, it was a bit of a game changer – I forgot some words half way through a song but managed to find that inner peace of being okay with forgetting words, and actually winning the audience over by being honest about it, rather than falling into a hole. So, thank you, Birmingham for helping me conquer my fear just a little bit more.

Photo by Ceri Black

We head back to the hotel, after a cheeky kebab stop on the way (I go for chicken today) and plan to have an early night but instead end up falling asleep far too close to sunrise. Not even because we were drinking and smashing up televisions, because we were sipping on crap hotel tea and  sharing stories about eachother’s Grandma’s. I fell asleep with such a content feeling in my stomach and that’s because Birmingham always always brings the love. 

The plan was to wake up and make the most out of a £40-hotel-with-a-swimming-pool but the lay in totally won. Girl needs her tour sleeps.

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