The Time I Finally Got To Play Queen’s Hall

Handmade Festival – 30th April 2017

I have played this festival from the very start and with every year I’ve been able to witness it grow and form into an outstanding weekend of music for Leicester. Leicester is such a close place to my heart – I played here once a month for about 18 months between the years of 2012-2014 as I took up residency at The Cookie (amazing venue) and I’ve always considered it somewhat of a hometown show. Handmade Festival, and Leicester itself, is an underdog; slowly growing/turning into a beastly hub for new music. Do not underestimate Lesta. 

I’ve played a number of stages and rooms but this year I had the privilege to play Queens Hall. What a belter of a venue. I’ve always wandered into this room over the years, wishing and hoping I’d be able to be up there looking out onto the beautiful walls, and open space and this year you blew my mind. So many of you came to see me open up this awesome stage and It’s up there with one of my favourite shows of all time. A friend of mine, Sam Wood, joined us for ride – see the photo diary below!


I always have far much more gear than people anticipate…

Warming up the old pipes

During soundcheck…


Before stage time I’ll always try and take a moment for a little bit of headspace

This is my beloved new addition – the green monster

The Handmade setlist

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