TicketWeb Sessions – #10 – Wildflowers – Let It Go

TicketWeb Sessions hit the road for the first time to meet Siddy (lead vocals) Kit (keys) James (guitar) and Kendal (harmonica) – AKA Wildflowers. We went all the way to Brighton in fact, to the tremendously cool Brighton Electric and we think you’ll agree, it was well worth the trip.

When TicketWeb turn up places, people are usually pretty happy to see us, but they’re not usually as happy to see us as Wildflowers lead singer Siddy Bennett. “I’m really glad we’re shooting this video today.” says Siddy “I’ve been itching to do something with the band since our gig last week.” To put that into context the gig in question was no small gathering, it was the most recent leg of their tour support slot for Brit Award winning Tom Odell. “Every night was amazing!” says Siddy. No kidding!

There’s a review on iTunes that calls Wildflowers “The bastard children of Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles” and we reckon this version of the track “Let It Go” proves that’s pretty much spot on. There’s no studio wizardry on display here though – just pure talent and a brilliant indie-folk tune.

Wildflowers are on tour now

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