TicketWeb’s visit to the House of Magic

Everyone loves magic, don’t they? From our early years with a dubious looking clown at a birthday party, to the mind-bending tricks of the likes of Derren Brown and his contemporaries today, it’s something we’re constantly left baffled by, yet still utterly drawn to. Simon Drake, the first to update magic on TV in his now cult 90’s TV series The Secret Cabaret, is the purveyor of one of the finest magic nights in the country, so we popped down to find out what really goes down in the House of Magic…

House of Magic Mike


As we enter the secret venue, across the amazing Enchanted Garden, we’re welcomed by a headless 7ft tall butler with a real head on a serving tray. As we enter, there’s all kinds of wonderment happening, we have to take a moment to adjust our eyes to the sheer amount of magical and enthralling things in this extraordinary venue. We check out the seating plan to find out where we shall be seated for the evening’s entertainment, and then sit to be served a most wonderful two-course meal that has been freshly prepared on the premises. Once we’ve finished filling our boots, we head upstairs to the decadent drawing room before taking a pew on the Whispering Chair to be told our destiny, which is spookily accurate! While we’re there, we’re entertained by some amazing close up magicians, who are warming us up for the main event ahead. We take a tour of The Haunted Cellar, which seems at first pretty dark and creepy but soon becomes a rib-ticklingly funny micky-take of a London Dungeon type scare attraction. Then we head back upstairs to take our seats for Simon Drake’s Spectacular show. Before we know it, our Mike (who handles Simon’s account for TicketWeb), is up on stage having his head cut off, blown up and all sorts of madness, when he sits back down, completely unaware as to what’s just happened to him, he has a clown’s make up on his face! He honestly didn’t have a clue. As the baffling show draws to an end, we’re welcomed to stay for two hours of dancing. All in all, we were shocked, delighted, surprised and utterly spooked by the end of this astonishing evening. Simon Drake is truly a stand out in his field and we can’t wait to go back and check it out again!


Simon Drake opens his gates to 3 Halloween events; 31st October he hosts an event that Simon himself is not performing on, entitled ‘It’s Your Funeral’.  On the 1st and 2nd November Simon himself will perform at his Halloween fancy dress ‘Spooktacular’. The 2nd November was so popular it sold out last month! If you fancy the kind of Halloween that you’ll never forget, make sure you get yourself a ticket and ‘get your spook on’ top one of the best full evenings of entertainment in town.  Get tickets on TicketWeb!

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