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Wet Nuns are currently in the process of their last ever tour, which has coincided with the release of their debut album. They kicked the whole thing on 3rd October at the Lexington, London, and TicketWeb’s Anthony went down to check it out. here’s what he had to say about the gig. They’ve still got three dates this week, tonight @ East Village Arts Club, Liverpool tonight @ Deaf Institute, Manchester tomorrow and Clwb Ifor Bach on Friday  Get tickets on TicketWeb!




“So this is what it takes to get this kind of reception in London… breaking up?”
On the face of it, Wet Nuns appear to be a no-nonsense, whiskey-infused, heavy blues rock band, however, a brief visit to their website or various social outlets – or better still, going to one of their gigs – you’ll quickly realise “no-nonsense” is not the most apt description.
Three songs in and they’ve claimed their first victim, a kick pedal, briefly halting proceedings. “Shall we just skip that song? We can play it again on the next tour…” quips the guitarist Rob. This unscheduled stop gives both Rob and Alexis a more than allotted amount of time to show the other side of the band: the jokes. “We could literally do anything on this tour… I’m checking Instagram right now” announces Alexis.


Playing songs from their EP Broken Teeth and imminent debut (and final) album, another source of their jokes. “Good idea that, an album tour before we’ve released the album.” Their sound is heavy, especially for a duo, but they keep up a good pace so it never sounds sluggish. Rob cuts through the heavy riffs and heavier drums with sprinkles of blues licks almost convincing you they’re from the Deep South, not South Sheffield. These guys really are one of the best bands of their ilk, it really is a shame they’re calling it a day.


Others feel the same too, even being heckled (endearingly I’m sure) about why they’re splitting. Although this just ends up becoming another opportune moment for a joke, resulting in the whole crowd being invited to the dressing rooms for a “Trisha-esque” talk about the bands break up post-show. Not Jeremy Kyle-esque though, “We’re better than that” states Rob.
If you’re reading this and live in London, you’re out of luck, unless you fancy taking a road trip, which wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Failing that, definitely check out the new album, available “on the internet sometime next week.”

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