TicketWeb Interview: Craig Hill At The Edinburgh Festival Fringe

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe starts this week! Craig Hill is a very funny man who is performing at The Fringe so we had a quick chat about what to expect from his show, and how you should spend your time in Edinburgh.

Hi Craig, how are you?

Ticketyboo! Or as you lot would say ticketwebettyboo! All set for the Fringe and can’t wait for the Festival buzz! Saw a girl in white powder paint with a white curly wig on today so it’s definitely happening!

Edinburgh Fringe starts this week, what can people coming to your show expect?

The unexpected! In my preview I got so much comedy from a single guy in the front row called Tiny Tim (who was actually 6ft and strapping) who’s American mum told him to sit there so he got picked on and who’s dad was called Tony the Treasurer! People asked if he was a plant in the audience it went so well! So a lot of improvised interaction, a dance routine with a selfie stick to an alternative Duran song ‘Gays On Film’, a song about Milngavie and a story about a taxi driver and his piggy bank!

If someone’s here at The Fringe for the first time, what’s one thing they should do?

Take them up The Royal Mile! It’s like an initiation and truly captures the chaos, the characters, the energy, the magnitude of people and the city itself.

Your show is called ‘Playing With My Selfie’.  Where’s one place in Edinburgh someone should take a Selfie?

Calton Hill. It’s a much easier climb than Arthur’s Seat and you actually get Arthur’s Seat and Salisbury Crags in your photo! Alternatively you have fantastic views of the Castle and Prince St Gardens from up there too!

Pick three comedians who would make up your dream Fringe show?

Jason Byrne, Jimeoin, and Adam Hills-they’re all hysterical and have that feel-good factor where you leave smilin’.

What’s on the agenda for the rest of 2015?

Touring Scotland, Montreux Comedy Festival in Switzerland for the first time and hosting Inverness’ Hogmanay!

Thanks Craig!

You can catch Craig’s show ‘Playing With My Selfie’ throughout The Fringe at Venue 150 at EICC. Head HERE for dates/tickets.





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