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Ahead of their set at Scala, London for University Of Dub on Friday 22 June, we spoke to Barcelona’s Green Light Sound-System. 

What do you usually do at the weekend when you’re not providing the entertainment at Scala?

Normally we are busy people at weekends, dances, tours, as we were working on the music promotion since 20 years ago. But my favourite weekends are when we have an outdoor session at daytime, these dances make us easy to bring the full family, my daughters loves the sound, plays sirens, chat on the mic, see friends… so yes, that’s the best!!!!

Who are the best new artists we should be listening to right now?
I can’t stop listening to Chalart58, Biga Ranx, Innerstanding Sound…

What are you drinking – do you have a tipple of choice?
Haha, good question!!! I never drink alcohol, that’s not for me. I used to drink alcohol-free Mojito’s, even for breakfast. It’s is fresh, is sweet and without alcohol is just flavour. 

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen on a night out / at one of your gigs?

There are many many weird things at nights lol, but the first coming to my brain right now was 3 months ago, 6am, Valencia… Man come to the control tower, look to my eyes, smile and put his finger on the Red knob… Power off, my gosh…

You’ve just left the club and you’re looking for a 4am snack, what’s your go-to post-club grub?

Big joint and good breakfast…

Who’s the most famous person you’ve ever spotted on a night out / at one of your gigs?

To be honest I don’t make difference between people, I mean, some of them are famous but still humans like you and me so, I cant say no more…
Been promoting shows & parties ( not only dub) in the last 20 years, I don’t know, I can say from Jah Shaka to Chronixx, From Skream to Diplo or Major Lazer, from David Rodigan to Manu Chao, from Jr.Gong to Wax Taylor, from Pendulum to DJ.RASHAD, from James Blake to The Bug, as I said, from MsDynamite to La Mala Rodriguez, many many many names I promoted in my life!!!! I’m grateful for this life full of vibes, lucky to meet many nice people in my walk, but I have to say that sometimes the most famous is not the best one!

What’s your favourite track to end a set with?

It depends, now I prefer to end with Culture, less hype, more vibes…. Master Blaster could be very nice last one! 

What’s your best/worst journey home story? Ever got stranded in the middle of nowhere?

The worst was after 27 hours of working, I went to sleep when I was driving home, just 150 meters left and I had an accident. 

The best one will be the next session, London Scala, June 22nd, 2018, University of dub, see you there!!!!!!

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