Thumpers’ TicketWeb Tour Diary pts.3 & 4

BRISTOL – 15th October 2013

Thumpers 3 1

Brushing up on winking with google glass. Note to self – scrunch up face less.

Thumpers 3 2

Dawn approaches at a service station and we are NOWHERE near home. Pretzel-filled chocolates and beer all round though so it’s not all bad.


LONDON – 17th October 2013


1At the side-of-stage at Shepherd’s Bush Empire, just about to go on. *Not wearing the same shirt as Bristol.







Left hand not actually touching the guitar here. Pro.



Post-gig euphoria with our onstage guardian angels Oli, Frances and Amina.

If you missed us on this tour, we’re playing at The Lexington in February! Get tickets on TicketWeb!

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