The Blackout’s TicketWeb Interview


The Blackout’s very own front-man Sean Smith takes some time out to chat to TicketWeb about the band’s Kerrang! Award nomination, playing The Great Escape festival & some interesting rumours you might have heard about him…


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Hey Sean, how are you?

I’m good thank you, how are you?


We’re all good, just a little under the weather! Few quick questions to get us started – what was your first ever gig?

I went to see Stereophonics in Wales, there was an AC/DCtribute band playing. The gig really inspired me, it made me want to pursue rock.


Sounds very inspirational indeed! What was the last gig you went to?

Oooh, er, I’m not sure. I think it was Knife Party in Cardiff – that was the last gig I went to, that wasn’t my own, obviously.


You’re good friends with Knife Party, aren’t you? Any chance of a collaboration?

I’d give a limb to do a collaboration with them, but probably not. They’re doing really well, and they don’t owe me anything so I can’t call in a favour, but I’d definitely love to.


How did you meet them?

I went to a party with a girl I know from Bristol, and she knows Gareth so she introduced us, but he was really frosty because another girl had told him that we hated Pendulum (Gareth’s other band). I asked my mate to message him to tell him that wasn’t true, and we just bonded over how mad that girl who’d said that was, and the rest is history.


Being in a band, there must be a lot of rumours flying around about you. What’s your favourite bit of gossip you’ve heard about yourself?

I once heard that I’ve got a fake hip. And a fake eye. A glass eye! I get the gay one a lot, too, but my favourite is probably the glass eye thing. All you need to go is come up to me and ask me to look left and look right to find out that’s not true. Mental.


We’ve noticed over the years that you’ve sported a fair few hairstyles, what would you say were your best and worst?

None of them were any good, really. Maybe the one I’ve got now, but that isn’t really that good. They were all mistakes. I should shave it all off, but I’m worried my head would look like a big, long testicle.


You’re up for Best Live Band at the Kerrang Awards, which is pretty cool, but have you ever won anything really rubbish?

Yeah,  I used to play football, aged fourteen, and I won Club Man of the Year, which basically meant I was the only one who turned up to play.


Everyone starts out somewhere, and you guys have been around for ten years now! Do you still remember what your first gig was like?

Yeah! It was in our home town, Merthyr Tydfil. I put the night on and about 250 people turned up, but they only came to see us fail, and we played okay, so they were all disappointed!


We’ve checked out your video for new single, Radio, where you’re prancing around in front of a green screen – very nice. If money was no object, what kind of video would you make?

THE BEST VIDEO OF ALL TIME, EVER! A bit like a Die Antwoord video, loads of creepy animals, fireworks, dolphins with midgets riding on their backs, dogs that fire lasers out of their eyes, people dying – mayhem! We’d pay people to actually die in the video. It would start with good intentions and end with riots.


You’re playing at The Great Escape this year, which features a lot of up and coming talent. Have you got any personal recommendations for newcomers we can get our ears around?

Astroid Boys – they’re like grime MCs but they MC over dubstep and rock. Everyone else sucks. My advice for the newcomers – get good.


Following Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement announcement yesterday, we’ve been thinking a lot of packing it all in and getting a time share in Portugal. How do you think you’ll spend your retirement?

Well, it’s gonna be soon. I’d probably go to Ibiza with Pritchard, who’s on the cover of our album and lose my mind. See how I feel by the end of the season, I might go and take over Fergie’s job at Man U.


You’re certainly qualified, what with your football award!



Alright, well that’s it from us! Thanks a lot, take care!

You too!

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