SuperGlu does SXSW2017

How does a band go from the pubs of Colchester to the stages of SXSW, the world’s most famous festival for new bands?  Austin, Texas is where careers get broken, global deals get signed and bands can find worldwide notoriety.

Pop garage rockers SuperGlu from Manningtree, rumoured to be Britain’s smallest town, tell us how it’s done in 2017. 
Main Photo Credit: Nicola Gell Photography


Day One

Touchdown in Texas.  The glamour starts instantly with us checking into one of Austin’s most budget-conscious places to bed down, Motel6 off the interregional highway.  Our drummer Ben Ward immediately takes his life in his hands, attempting to ‘Frogger’ the multi –lane carriageway separating him from a much-needed cheeseburger.  Idiot.

The roar of traffic is constant and we feel immediately ill at ease thanks to the armed parking attendant who’s packing quite a serious firearm.  We spoke to him though and he seemed nice.

The bathroom boasts a family of cockroaches.  No choice but to drink a few beers to take mind off the intimidating new surroundings. 

Day Two

Not sure if it’s jet lag or hangover, but food is high on the agenda.  SuperGlu finds its way to Tyson’s Tacos for breakfast

Then it’s over to watch the baseball – GO LONGHORNS!

Later that night we head to the British Music Embassy in downtown and caught our new friends Flamingods playing a Sunday night set.  They were amazing, can’t wait to see them again later this week and back in the UK.

Photo Credit: Flamingods

Day Three

Tonight is the night.  SuperGlu have their first official SXSW 2017 showcase for DIY Magazine & TicketWeb Presents at the British Music Embassy.  We feel confident, but there’s always room for improvement, so we hot foot it to Space Studios for a couple hours.  Thanks, Sonny Bishop for the last minute booking, the guy is a legend!  The band sound good, singer Ben Brown cries actual tears of joy.

Sonny Bishop – music chose him!

On the way to the showcase, we stop for a few more pics (naturally) and get interviewed for the DIY Mag podcast. Check it out HERE 

We catch Forth Wanderers who open the DIY + TicketWeb stage, then it’s a quick turnaround at the venue and before we know it we’re on stage playing to a packed room.  It’s an amazing feeling, we absolutely love playing live.  The locals in the room seem to enjoy it! Bass player Krista’s only ambition for SuperGlu was to one day get to play in America.  Dream achieved!

Photo Credit: Emma Swann / DIY Magazine

SuperGlu staggers into the night for more beer and pizza slices.  Not sure what happened next…sorry!

Day Three

Promo!  Ben gets interviewed by local web tv station Weed and Whiskey TV.  On the face of it, they want to talk about the craft of songwriting, but pretty soon it’s all about drinking shots. 

Suitably smashed, Ben joins the rest of the band for their second official SXSW 2017 at ScratcHouse presented by Killing Moon Records and ReverbNation.  Ben holds it together thankfully as the show gets live streamed back to the UK on the Metro newspaper website.  Killing Moon have prepared some awesome visuals, great lighting and sound; it’s a brilliant show.

Canadian band Bad Pop play after us, they’re f*cking incredible.  They perform a cover of Mcluskey’s ‘To Hell with Good Intentions’ who we’ve supported back in the UK – we did not expect that! Beers, beers and more beers,  another late night.

Day Four

Kind of got a day off.  No shows to play, so instead we break into the Radisson Hotel by the river and give SuperGlu pin badges to 6Music DJ Steve Lamacq while he’s sitting by the pool.  He looks OK with it.

Guitarist Alex gets chatting to the NASA guys in the main conference bit. 

Then we go for a photo shoot with our friend Pete.  He’s aiming for something arty, will have the pictures back soon!  Exclusive unveiling on TicketWeb yeh?

Day Five

We’ve got a fun show across town for Float the Goat.  They give us free pizza and we play a punchy short set.  Ben manages to end up on the floor.

Day Six

Tonight is another big one. We’re playing back at the British Music Embassy again, this time for BBC Music alongside likes of Anna Meredith, Aquilo, Sundara Karma and LIFE.  A really massive opportunity for us.  We step onto the stage to a hero’s welcome thanks to the local fans we’ve made!  Even more excitingly, BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephens personally introduces us on stage.  He’s been a massive supporter to us since we started recording and playing together, so this means a hell of a lot!
Our set flies by again and we’re so blown away by the crowd’s response. 

It’s been exhilarating, exhausting and emotional.  We’ve eaten so much pizza and BBQ we think a new exercise regime is in order.

Austin, see ya’ll next year!


Superglu’s new single ‘Simmer Down’ is out on 14th April. 

Find Superglu shows at www.ticketweb.co.uk/superglu 


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