Sonar’s Georgia Taglietti Interview

Sonar has been at the forefront of electronic music for 20 years! With just over 2 weeks to go until Sonar Barcelona 2013 we chatted to Georgia Taglietti who’s been part of the team making Sonar awesome right from the start.


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TW: Not long to go before the festival, what’s the atmosphere like in the office about now?


GT: It’s exciting – but it’s all under control. For the months up to the festival we double up our team, as you can imagine, there’s a lot to do. But this time round we announced everything earlier so we’ve given ourselves more time to tell everyone about all the amazing artists we’re presenting this year.


TW: Absolutely, there are brilliant acts on this year’s line-up. Who are your favourites and what is about them that make them special to you?


GT: I can’t wait to see Kraftwerk. On a personal level I think they represent the way technology has changed music over the last 20 years. They think forward and that is what I love about them. Also I’m really excited to see Oneman, I can’t wait for his DJ set. Skip & Die are also a band I love, I think they are definitely very Sonar.

TW: What is it that sets Sonar apart from other festivals?


GT: Well, it’s an urban festival and there’s still not many like that. It’s in the heart of the city so I think the Barcelona factor is a massive pull for people. But then there’s the learning element that we offer, the emphasis on technology and electronic culture. We’ve always wanted to be a festival that specialised in those aspects of music and in that way we’re unique.


TW: How has the electronic music scene in Barcelona changed over the last 20 years?


GT: Technology has changed. That’s been the biggest factor. It makes a difference in how many people you can reach. The music has become much more complex and there’s more of it than ever before. The Live shows too are more and more amazing – look at someone like Amon Tobin and what he’s doing now. You couldn’t do that 20 years ago. But electronic culture is still niche – it’s not rock and pop.


TW: Leading from that, what impact have you seen from things like Serato & Traktor?


GT: Today it’s all about apps and the instruments we use to make music getting smaller. That’s a good thing; it makes it easy to transport, easier to take your music to other people. Some people think that it de-humanises the music but it doesn’t. It’s like people in Dowton Abbey getting scared by the telephone or electronics. It’s not about how you make it, it’s about how it sounds.


TW: You mentioned the Barcelona factor before, it is an amazing city, but as a local what are your favourite places to hang out in the city?



GT: You know, during the festival I can’t hang out! Ha! But afterwards I like to spend time in The Borne & the Gothic Quarter. There’s also a cool up and coming area around Sant Antoni which has loads of cool brunch bars.


TW: Good tips! Sonar took place in Reykjavik for the first time this year, do you think Sonar will ever have a Sonar in the UK?


GT: We have a very fluent relationship with what’s going on in the UK and we always have partnerships with events there too. But there’s so much going on in the UK already we’ve always felt there were other cities where great artists and scenes weren’t getting the exposure they deserved and we wanted to throw a spotlight on them. The UK already has that exposure. The other thing is that people from the UK really love coming to Barcelona, we see that every year and it’s something we’re very proud of, that we’re a festival that people who know about music want to travel to and that we’re in a city what to visit.


TW: You’re welcome! Ha! This year’s Sonar promo video features female cheerleaders with beards – what’s all that about?


Well I guess it’s based on fun and irony. We just wanted to strike people with something weird. I think it definitely represents what Sonar is about. You can’t always name it but it’s definitely forward thinking, fun and not something you’re going to get anywhere else.


TW: That clears that up thenJ. Just in case people aren’t sure what’s the difference between Sonar By Day and Sonar By Night?


GT: Well we use different venues and different setting for each one. Sonar By Day has a learning element across all aspects of technology and electronic culture. It’s also where we host new artists and The Red Bull Academy. Sonar By Night is all about the shows and the partying.


TW: With all this going on when do you guys get a rest?


GT: Ha ha! Last year…when we did Sonar USA we didn’t get a rest until December, but usually July and August is when we get to take things a little easier.


TW: Phew, sounds like you’ve got your work cut out! Thanks so much for chatting to us – enjoy the festival!


GT: Thank you – great to talk to you too.


Sonar tickets are available without a booking fee here:

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